Guernsey Lily remedy from Channel Isle Flower Remedies

Flower Essences are intrinsic to holistic healing modalities. They are used for emotional healing.

The first known ‘modern’ company to produce flower essences or remedies, part of the vibrational medicine system, was the Bach Flower Company. It was started by Edward Bach in the Uk about 75 years ago. The value of the remedies for healing was based on an inside-out rather than an outside-in disease process. Bach believed that disease starts as dis-ease. If an emotional issue could be dealt with at that level, disease might be avoidable.

His process for identifying which flower was right for which emotional imbalance was never recorded it. There are many other companies that emerged all over the world since then. They were based on Bach’s theory but not his system. No other company or person could corroborate with Bach’s conclusions.

The theory goes something like this. The vibrational ‘personality’ of a flower could be transfered to water when the flower was left on top of water in sunlight. How Bach figured out which flower had what personality is unknown. Fortunately others did uncovered it after much time and experimentation.

Today one can choose from tropical flower essences to Alaskan. They are truly available worldwide. The essences are preserved in alcohol, once the ‘personality’ is imbued into the water. For purposes of storage and then sales, the liquid is transferred to small dropper bottles. The liquid is consumed a few drops at a time over the course of the day. One tends to know when the remedy is no longer necessary by the improvement in emotional state.

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