What I Wish to Wear on An I Like Red Day


Today is an ‘I like red’ day. In fact I have been having lots of those days, lately. If there is something I have in red, I wear it. If I like something but don’t have it, then I like to find a photo and write about it. Therefore here is how I do it.

color wheel
wiki color wheel on yahoo.com
Merrell Clogs It just so happens that there are two items on Poshmark that I love. In fact both are red. One is a pair of shoes and one is a purse. Right now I can neither afford nor find them in the right size or an affordable price. So here is the next best thing.

For example Merrell Encore Breeze clogs are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. They actually used to come in all sorts of bright colors. But no more. So I did find the perfect color on the account of filli58 on Poshmark. Unfortunately, they are too small. Therefore, they are part of my ‘I like red day’ blog post list.

Red Merrell Encore Breeze
Merrell Encore Breeze Red Rose Mesh Mules Clogs Womens Size 5.5 on Poshmark
In another situation, I found an Arcadia bag in the color I like. In fact, I know that I like it because I have one in another color just like it. But again, it’s a no go. At over $100. it can only be a dream for now. Therefore it goes into the I’ll write about it category. So here it is, gorgeous for all to see.

Arcadia Handbag This beauty comes from the Poshmark account of ‘nmartinyuk’. In fact, I know it would coordinate perfectly with the Merrell Encore Breeze red clogs as well as anything else I’d need it to.

Arcadia red tan trim satchel shoulder bag
Arcadia red tan trim satchel shoulder bag on Poshmark

So I am going to head off to my real and imaginary closet. Actually, that is where I will find just what I want to complete an I like red day outfit. You are welcome to join me.

My Real and Imaginary Closet

The magic of what is behind these closet doors is the real as well as the imagined. Between what is really in my wardrobe in addition to what I wish could be behind these closet doors is the complete wardrobe of whatever I imagine.

For example, the Merrell clogs are the right size in addition to the gorgeous Arcadia bag is the right price. When I open the doors, my completed ensemble is complete, real as well as imaginary.

magic folding doors from deviant.com


Accordian closet doors
Merrell Encore Breeze Red Clogs
Arcadia red tan trim satchel shoulder bag


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