I’m All About MUSIC, American Music History from the 1920’s through the 1970’s


Currently, I’m all about MUSIC, American Music HIstory from the 1920’s through the 1970’s. That’s because I am offering my talents and skills as Alison D. Gilbert, Music Publicist to crooner, Keith Galliher Jr. Music and his producer, Clarence Collins, former member and founder of Little Anthony & The Imperials. My activities include representing them on their record label, Imperials Plus Records. In addition, I am their #Ace Detective when it comes to solving #MusicMysteryChallenges on Two Paths, The Internet Radio Show.

Two Paths
Two Paths, The Internet Radio Show Facebook Page

In addition, I designed and manage their website, Imperials Plus Records as well as a manage the collection of related facebook pages linked to their facebook pages below. They include:
Keith Galliher Jr. Music
Clarence Collins, founder and former member of Little Anthony & The Imperials
Teddy Randazzo, Songwriter, singer and teen Rock ‘n Roll movie idol
Two Paths, The Internet Radio Show
Imperials Plus Records
American Music History Recorded
• Alison D. Gilbert, Music Publicist

Alison D. Gilbert, Music Publicist Facebook Page
Alison D. Gilbert, Music Publicist Facebook Page

The Alison D. Gilbert PURPOSE archived on the Alison D. Gilbert Website:

The Purpose for Being
The Purpose for Being





I have NOT abandoned my interests and activities from my past passions, vocations and professions. ART & DESIGN | FOOD & HEALING | SOCIAL MEDIA & SOCIAL ISSUES are archived on The Alison D. Gilbert Website or PAGES section and updated on their related facebook pages. There are also numerous other social media venues that provide inspirational information, current issue and other developments.

Alison D. Gilbert, Facebook Profile
Alison D. Gilbert, Facebook Profile

Facebook and other social media venues provide on-going, current information about my areas of interest:

decorative painted furniture
Decorative Painting by Alison Gilbert

• Art & Design-Intro
• Art & Design-2D
• Art & Design-3D
• Art & DEsign- Crafts and Decorative Design

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Cultures Live On Through Indigenous Crafts

Indigenous crafts

Indigenous crafts may ultimately be all that survive of many cultural traditions. As I discussed in my last blog post Can Indigenous Societies Survive?, Indigenous Societies are in peril. In researching the photos to use in this post, I was struck by the amazing beauty in the everyday lives of Indigenous peoples.

I did not see art as we know Art, the kind that hangs in museums that can’t be touched. I saw creativity and extraordinary beauty in things that related to their everyday lives in Indigenous Crafts. Since I did not focus on this in my other blog post, I would remiss not to emphasize it here.

It is apparent from these photos that the people take great pride in their creativity. They may not see art as we do but they clearly express talents that must be preserved. They appreciate and make things of beauty as part of their daily lives; such as a horse with blue eyes and the set up for making their cheese. Their crafts speak to their cultures, to what is important to them and what they treasure in their lives.

I realized this when I saw the picture of a horse’s saddle created by someone from the Mongolian Nomads. These photos are part of a photo essay about the Mongolian Nomads made by Taylor Weidman done for the Global Oneness Project.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The feature photo at the beginning of this post and the one at the end are from a story by Unnikrishnan Raveendranathan. They demonstrate the craft of basket weaving. It is a lost art that has been revived, in this case by Edward Willie, so that he could teach it to his daughter. He also said, “I teach weaving to others so that I can share the connection to the earth that it gives us.”

Indigenous cultures and their crafts are what connect all of us to the earth. This is why we treasure them even as our technology destroys their way of life. Noam Chomsky said it best in this quote, “It’s pretty ironic that the so-called ‘least advanced’ people are the ones taking the lead in trying to protect all of us, while the richest and most powerful among us are the ones who are trying to drive the society to destruction.”

The irony is that as we destroy the cultures of the Indigenous peoples, we grow to treasure their art. We stick it in museums or buy it at great cost at auction. Somehow that is how we ‘technologically advanced’ peoples know how to appreciate nature’s beauty. We put it in cages, we hang it on walls, we frame it in museums. We bemoan the loss of these Indigenous Societies but only know how to keep them alive through their Indigenous Crafts.

Indigenous crafts
Edward Willie Basket weaving photographed by Unnikrishnan Raveendranathan


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Some Art for Saturday, Alison*s Art Online Art Tour

Some Art for Saturday

Let’s take a virtual tour and look at some art for Saturday, pleasant, uplifting, creative things. Pretend we are taking a gallery tour. We can travel all over the world since we are on the Internet.

Our first stop is London and the studio of a very talented young lady. I found her lovely artwork thanks to another paper.li publisher, Angel Ceballos’ Art & Design.

Through his online magazine, I was introduced to her work. She is creating some magnificent art work that has morphed into tapestry design. It’s very exciting to see the artistic process at work.
Her name is Hannah Waldron. She was interviewed by designboom.com. Her creations are impressive. They are also light-hearted, colorful and usable.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now let’s head back to the US to take a look at two of my other favorite styles of art on our some art for Saturday tour. These styles are graffiti inspired illustration and tattoo art.

My two favorite artists who started out doing graffiti/comic book style illustration are located on opposite coasts of the US. L’amour Supreme is from NY. He is pictured (the image is from his website, www.lamoursupreme.com) with some of his creations as the featured image at the beginning of our tour. Man One is from LA. Below are some of my favorite examples of his work. One is a mural of Rita Hayworth who is one of my favorite film gems. Here’s some Rita trivia. She was born in Brooklyn and started out as a dancer. She was married to Orson Wells, foreign royalty, a popular singer and two other men.

Both L’amour Supreme and Man One have produced prolific amounts of work. So I am going to suggest that you return and visit their virtual studios on your own. That way you can take as much time as you like to explore their very creative careers and stories. Do let them know I suggested you stopped by.

As the last stop on our some art for Saturday tour is one of my favorite local places to visit, Empire State Studios, a tattoo art gallery on Long Island. There are those who might not consider this a form of art. But keep an open mind before drawing any conclusions. Take a look at the work of these artists. Then tell me what you think. In fact, if you are in the area, they have art shows that change every two months.

some art for Saturday
The banner from the ESS website, www.empirestatestudios.com

I hope you have enjoyed our relaxing, virtual trans-Atlantic and back tour of some art for Saturday. Let me know if you would like to take another one some time soon. I certainly would.

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Seedling Ventures

seedling ventures

Being creative, passionate about my interests and entrepreneurial have been great fertilizer and nurturance for my seedling ventures in ART | FOOD | HEALING.

This new blog and website are the home, playground and evolutionary laboratory for my creative entrepreneurial work. This is the accumulation of a body of work spanning approximately thirty years to date. It is the archive of my past work, present efforts and legacy for the future.

There has been a transformation from Alison*s Art into Alison*s Heirloom Projects. It has taken place in all of the three disciplines. The heirloom projects allow for the preservation of the original seedling ventures. They also provide a framework for growth, exploration and addition value.

The current ‘social media’ technology is ideal for preserving the original ventures as well as exploring the heirloom projects. It is a perfect laboratory for breathing new growth into the original seedling ventures. Social media also gives the heirloom projects lots of room to grow.

In this blog and website, you can look forward to lots of archeological digs. You can also look forward to exploration of new territory. Your comments, suggestions and questions are always welcome.

Feature imagine from craftingagreenworld.com


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