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Poshmark fair purchasing prices are one of the reasons I love to shop their online store. In fact, this blog post highlights my results using the example of purchasing five pairs of my favorite brand/style Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs. The contributing factors include condition, color, size and the purchase price.

Merrell Shoe company logo
Recent Purchases The body of the blog post describes my recent purchases over a period of a month. These five pairs of Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs ranged in price from $5 to $24. The purchasing factors included prices reflected by condition as well as desired colors. Actually most of the pairs looked next to new. Besides that, an abundance of desirable colors in my size were available. What a feast was at my fingertips.

Price Range Keep in mind that some of the shoes were in better shape than others. As a result, the final cost reasonably reflected that. Most amazing is the fact that new full price Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs cost over $100 +tax and shipping. That can be many times more than what I found on Poshmark
new shoes
Each of these new pairs of Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs retails for almost $105.
Denim Clogs I could see in the pictures that the denim ones were not in the best shape. But I wanted this color so I bid very low. To my delight, I now have denim Merrell clogs for $5+shipping.

My bid of $5 plus shipping was accepted for these denim Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs
Denim Clogs Again by Mistake Due to the sellers poor color photos and an incorrect color description, I purchased a second pair of denim clogs. Their condition is substantially better than the first so I will have new looking denim clogs for years to come.

Denim like new $20
These denim Merrell Encore Breeze clogs have been on my kist for a long time.
Burgundy Clogs The burgundy clogs were in similar shape to the $5 denim pair so I bid $6. My wardrobe now includes them also. So far my Poshmark fair price system is working. This means that the price of each pair of shoes reflects the factors I required.

My bid of $6 plus shipping was accepted for this pair of Ruby Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs
Silver Mist Clogs To continue, my list for fall includes neutral as well as autumn colors. Two pair fit the bill. Because their condition is closer to new, the cost is greater. But the quality and price are still outstanding. As a result, I was able to purchase a pair for $24+5.95. So far fair purchasing prices have resulted in three pairs of Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs for a total of $35+shipping.

I paid $24+$5.95 shipping for these silver mist Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs.
Brown Clogs So far, I have purchased five pairs of Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs for around including shipping. In contrast, the cost of one new pair of these shoes would cost $100+ tax and shipping each for a total of over $500.+

I paid $12+ shipping for these brown Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs
Still to Come One additional thing I need to mention is color availability. This means that a newer color increases the price. For example, I would love to have a pair of clogs in the green family for autumn. But the newer shade of green they come in is called olive. So any pair I find thus far in this color is still too pricey. Everywhere I have looked to date is way above my budget. Therefore I will wait until the color is not so new. At that point the price will reduce to a negotiating point where I can start my biding.

olive clogs
The Merrell Encore Breeze clog in olive
In Conclusion The five pairs of clogs listed here clearly illustrate how it is possible to get Poshmark fair prices. Even if a particular seller prices something too high the average cost of other shoes placed in a reasonable price range will adjust the prices. As you can see my system works very well in purchasing great merchandise with Poshmark fair prices.

In other words, it was possible to get five pairs of Merrell clogs on Poshmark including shipping for about the same price as one new retail pair. Why spend more retail when Poshmark provides so much more for so much less? I can’t think of one good reason. This is why I love to shop on Poshmark.


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