Healthy Brands of Shoes


Okabashi is the name of my latest favorite healthy brands of shoes. Actually the name is inspired by the Japanese concept of wellness. As a matter of fact, I have worn several brands of healthy shoes over many decades over my lifetime to date.

My three favorite healthy brands of shoes all available on
The three brands of healthy shoes are specifically Birkenstocks, Merrell Encore Breeze clogs, and Okabashi. As much as I love all three brands, Okabashi shoes are the most unique in of all of them for the following reasons.

Okabashi Intro
1. made in the USA
2. easy care
3. are eco-friendly
4. are very reasonably priced
The introduction to the concept of Okabashi shoes from their website
Birkenstocks from the Past
Let me just mention briefly that I no long wear Birkenstocks for one reason. One pair that I got caused a callous on the outside of my foot. As a result, they never were comfortable. The callous took years to soften, as well. Although I am sure they would be fine now, I wanted to try other brands. But I see they are on and much more affordable now, too.

healthy brands of shoes
These six pairs show the latest styles of Birkenstocks.
Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs Abound
This brand and style are still an integral part of my wardrobe. Actually a recent buying spree resulted in several very affordable additional pairs for me. Read about this on my blog entitled, Poshmark Fair Prices.

These six pairs of shoes show the latest colors of Merrell Encore Breeze clogs.
Okabashi Revealed
I have purposely waited to reveal the appearance of these shoes until they end. That is because I wanted my readers to be surprised. Besides all the benefits mentioned at the beginning of this post, they are very attractive. In addition, they come in great colors. So here they are. Besides an image, here is the website too,

Okabashi best sellers


Okabashi – Our Story
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Oka b – About Us
Third Oak – About Us


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Poshmark Fair Price Purchasing


Poshmark fair purchasing prices are one of the reasons I love to shop their online store. In fact, this blog post highlights my results using the example of purchasing five pairs of my favorite brand/style Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs. The contributing factors include condition, color, size and the purchase price.

Merrell Shoe company logo
Recent Purchases The body of the blog post describes my recent purchases over a period of a month. These five pairs of Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs ranged in price from $5 to $24. The purchasing factors included prices reflected by condition as well as desired colors. Actually most of the pairs looked next to new. Besides that, an abundance of desirable colors in my size were available. What a feast was at my fingertips.

Price Range Keep in mind that some of the shoes were in better shape than others. As a result, the final cost reasonably reflected that. Most amazing is the fact that new full price Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs cost over $100 +tax and shipping. That can be many times more than what I found on Poshmark
new shoes
Each of these new pairs of Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs retails for almost $105.
Denim Clogs I could see in the pictures that the denim ones were not in the best shape. But I wanted this color so I bid very low. To my delight, I now have denim Merrell clogs for $5+shipping.

My bid of $5 plus shipping was accepted for these denim Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs
Denim Clogs Again by Mistake Due to the sellers poor color photos and an incorrect color description, I purchased a second pair of denim clogs. Their condition is substantially better than the first so I will have new looking denim clogs for years to come.

Denim like new $20
These denim Merrell Encore Breeze clogs have been on my kist for a long time.
Burgundy Clogs The burgundy clogs were in similar shape to the $5 denim pair so I bid $6. My wardrobe now includes them also. So far my Poshmark fair price system is working. This means that the price of each pair of shoes reflects the factors I required.

My bid of $6 plus shipping was accepted for this pair of Ruby Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs
Silver Mist Clogs To continue, my list for fall includes neutral as well as autumn colors. Two pair fit the bill. Because their condition is closer to new, the cost is greater. But the quality and price are still outstanding. As a result, I was able to purchase a pair for $24+5.95. So far fair purchasing prices have resulted in three pairs of Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs for a total of $35+shipping.

I paid $24+$5.95 shipping for these silver mist Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs.
Brown Clogs So far, I have purchased five pairs of Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs for around including shipping. In contrast, the cost of one new pair of these shoes would cost $100+ tax and shipping each for a total of over $500.+

I paid $12+ shipping for these brown Merrell Encore Breeze Clogs
Still to Come One additional thing I need to mention is color availability. This means that a newer color increases the price. For example, I would love to have a pair of clogs in the green family for autumn. But the newer shade of green they come in is called olive. So any pair I find thus far in this color is still too pricey. Everywhere I have looked to date is way above my budget. Therefore I will wait until the color is not so new. At that point the price will reduce to a negotiating point where I can start my biding.

olive clogs
The Merrell Encore Breeze clog in olive
In Conclusion The five pairs of clogs listed here clearly illustrate how it is possible to get Poshmark fair prices. Even if a particular seller prices something too high the average cost of other shoes placed in a reasonable price range will adjust the prices. As you can see my system works very well in purchasing great merchandise with Poshmark fair prices.

In other words, it was possible to get five pairs of Merrell clogs on Poshmark including shipping for about the same price as one new retail pair. Why spend more retail when Poshmark provides so much more for so much less? I can’t think of one good reason. This is why I love to shop on Poshmark.


History of Merrell
Inside Merrell
History of Poshmark
About Poshmark
Merrell Encore Breeze Clog Story
Why Buy Second Hand


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Dress Up Your Feet with Decorative Socks

Fun Colored Socks available on

Fun decorative socks are an essential part of a coordinated outfit. Not only do my socks have to be colorful. But they also have to inspire a story of their own.

There are in fact several ways to tell my sock story. This post explicitly verbalizes and shows images of how my fun decorative socks can coordinate with the rest of my outfit.

Without delay here are the four types of outfits I have coordinated with fun decorative socks.


1. Firstly they can match in color
Let’s say I am wearing an outfit with a the same color in both.
2. Secondly they can match in theme
As an outfit, I can wear socks that have a fruit them.
3. Thirdly, they can match in both theme and color.
But then specifically, my pants may have a cherry pattern. So my socks would have a cherry pattern. Finally, my pants can have a blue background cherry pattern. Then I can match them with an exact pair of socks.
4. Finally, an outfit matches in theme and color from head to toe.
This happens when I really go wild. Ultimately on those days that I display a special combination in my wardrobe.



In addition to their description, I want to show image examples of the fun decorative socks choices I’ve described above.
1. First of all, let’s start with an outfit that is matched using color.
Let’s say I have a solid color pair of pants, skirt or dress. In this case, I can match that to a fun decorative pair of socks with the same color background or foreground.

Hanpceirs Women’s Cap Sleeve 1950s Retro Vintage Cocktail Swing Dresses with Pocket from
Fun Colorful Socks Patterned Funky Happy Crew Sock Combed Cotton Stockings Packs on









2. Secondly, another way to match an outfit is by theme. For example, that means that the colors do not have to match but the design theme does. In this example, notice how the background colors do not match. But the strawberry theme does.

Belle Poque Women’s Vintage Sleeveless Solid Floral Ruched Summer Cute A-Line Flowy Swing Midi Dress on

HAPPYPOP Womens Funny Pickle Socks Donut Pineapple IVF Socks Girls Novelty Pickle Pineapple IVF Gifts Food Fruit-Socks on








3. Thirdly and my ultimate preference is they can match in both color and theme.I love everything cherries. Luckily, I found both a sweater and socks in black with cherries on them.

Belle Poque Women’s 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Button Down Cherries Embroidery Cropped Cardigan Sweater Coat on

fun-decorative shocks
MAKABO Women’s Colorful Funny Novelty Casual Crew Socks Gift Packs on








4. Lastly, the ultimate outfit. Everything matches from head to toe. In this case it’s Burberry classics. The next blog post will illustrate Burberry Classics ‘everything Burberry in between’.

socks by cettine
Burberry Instarsia Vintage Check Socks

Burberry baseball cap available at Saks Fifth Avenue









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2. Women’s decorative socks
3. Visit the Bisousox Store
4. Visit the Belle Poque Store
5. Visit the Makabo Store
6. Unique Vintage Women’s Clothes & Accessories
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8. Burberry Instarsia Vintage Check Socks

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How My Pocketbook Passion Began

My pocketbook passion started about 30 years ago. Each year, I would buy myself a beautiful, popular, designer purse. To start my collection, I purchased numerous Dooney & Bourke bags, Coach bags, and then some Kate Spade bags.

pocketbook passion
Vintage Dooney & Bourke Teton Style Multi Color bag from

My Passion and My Search

I began my journey searching for and purchasing the most attractive Dooney & Bourke ‘All Weather Leather’ bags.

Since the Internet was not yet a means of advertising and purchasing, items were available from beautifully designed mail order catalogs.

In fact, this is where my passion for pocketbooks began. The handbag at the left is very similar to one of my first purchases.

FAST FORWARD: Outlet Malls and The Internet
outlet mall
A photo of a Tanger Outlet Mall with plenty of parking and discount upscale stores.

Over the years, the technology for shopping has become more sophisticated, appealing and convenient. If I want to make a purchase without leaving home, the Internet has become the place to go. If I want a feast including entertainment and purchasing delights, destinations like the Tanger Outlets are the ideal place to go

INTRODUCING: 21st Century Shopping – POSHMARK

There is no end to what I have been able to find online, at upscale mall shops and at mall outlet stores. But isn’t that the whole idea of retail shopping today? The possibilities are endless.

Here’s a video about the fascinating story of the immensely successful online social marketplace community known as Poshmark.

One brand, in particular has become my favorite vintage pocketbook passion, Italian made ARCADIA. This brand is one I recently discovered from the gangbuster technology for feeding my passion, online search and research. In fact, my favorite place to ‘window shop’ and purchase is on Poshmark. It is the hottest spot of them all. I visit almost daily.

arcadia collage
Four of my favorite vintage Arcadia handbags found on
The Evolution of How to Go Shopping

There is an evolutionary path to this search for collecting both new and vintage handbags. Collecting new handbags started with mail order catalogs and stayed there for many years. Then as technology was embraced, it evolved into the Internet.

Out of curiosity, I have even visited one of the Tanger Outlet Malls I had heard so much about. Of course I made a purchase. The mall was an appealing, well designed shopping village. In addition, it had a movie theatre so no parking space was wasted when shopping hours waned.

Three Primary Venues

At present, three venues have become my primary sources of feeding my pocketbook passion. They are online discount sources, like Poshmark, online company websites, and thrift stores.

Thrift stores are a great resource and a way that many non-profits raise money


1. The History of Online Shopping

2. 8 Amazing Things People Said When Online Shopping Was Born 20 Years Ago

3. Students Prefer Online Shopping to the Mall

4. The Future of the Outlet Mall Industry

5. Vintage Dooney

6. The History of eBay

7. The Iconic Marketplace: The Poshmark Story

8, The Best 10 Thrift Stores near Rockville Centre NY 11570

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Donations Passed On To Me, Online and In Stores Bargains
Becoming a frugal fashionista has increased my passion for shopping. In other words, my extremely tight clothes and accessories budget has not diminished my joy and ability to acquire new attire. In fact, the degree of savings is directly proportional to the fun and bountifulness I experience. It may surprise readers to learn that the least expensive and most fun ‘free’ (clothes) donations to me are from a local church food pantry.

A selection of clothes including three Old Navy dresses I got from the church pantry at my favorite price, a ‘free’ donation to me. Thanks to St. Agnes in RVC, NY.

Then increasing in price from least to most, I frequent thrift shops, online bargains websites like Poshmark, and rarely something new at a discount chain like HomeGoods or Savers. In addition, I will buy a quality name brand when it is on sale. But the rule is, it must be at least 50-70% off.

Two Diophy brand purses from Poshmark. One I bought ‘new’ and the other one I got for $11.97 slightly ‘reused’.


Hobby to Pro
In fact, I am becoming so adept at this pastime that I feel like a pro. What amazes me the most is that I like the clothes and accessories I am acquiring as a frugal fashionista is better than regular retail shopping.

Believe it or not, my wardrobe is nicer and would be more expensive new than I could ever afford. For example, my accessories include numerous Coach Leather, Kate Spade, and Dooney & Bourke handbags.

Over the years, I have collected vintage Coach, Dooney & Bourke, and Kate Spade bags, very affordable new bags and bags that would be a steal.
Mid to High End Treasures Finder
My skills as a frugal fashionista have resulted in labels like Old Navy Lands’ End, Talbots, L.L.Bean, and Lands End and more apparel in my closet.

A collection of ‘free’ cardigan sweaters to match any purchase. Included are (from top left to bottom right) Charter Club, Lands’ End, Croft & Barrow, L.L.Bean, Merona, Izod. All from the church pantry at no cost to me as a low-income senior.


Becoming Even More Frugal

Within a fairly short period of time, I have gone from a middle class, middle aged shopper to a fixed income savvy senior shopper. When the concept was first presented to me, it took some time for me to adjust. But now, I love being a frugal fashionista and I plan to get better and better at this great way to go shopping.
P.S. To comment, please scroll all the way down to the comment box and make you entry with DISQUS.
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Installation Art Projects



What is installation art? Do art installations interest you? Without intention, I have created several art installation projects. Read about them in this blog post.

installation art
My collection of vintage enamel kitchenware is too old and fragile to use. As a decorative collection, it becomes installation art.
Because I have collected and created so many small to medium sized 3D objects, I have had several options of what to do with them:
1. Box them for storage
2. organized them in bigger collectibles
2. Sell them
3. Display them individually
4. Use thm
5. Create art installation projects.
In this post, I focus on the fifth option, installation art. In fact the only way everything I collect and love has a home is because I create art installations of them.


installation art
A Wall of Purses are gems individually and an art installation as a group

If I can’t resist, I can still take these purses off the wall and wear them one at a time. But I would rather look at them all at one time.


I love to wear hats. Over a century ago, when all women wore hats that were very fashionable and voluminous at that. Care and storage were a challenge. Hat boxes were essential, indeed. But they took up so much room. Those hats did not need to be part of art installations. They were installations, themselves.
My Great Grandmother Annie Laber (1877-1935) in her finery.

So I created a new take on accessible hat storage and selection. This way I can choose at a moments notice which to wear for the day and which to hang up. But let’s go back just for a moment to over a century ago to what my Great Grandmother Annie Laber wore when she wore her finery.

installation art
Here’s a place to hang your hats when you’re not wearing them but you want to show them off. This was originally a plant stand.

Imagine this ten time bigger and an installation one could walk around and even enter like a magic bus.

Irresistible small items that imagine themselves into a mini installation.

When I start to gather these mini treasures, then put them together, I never know what whimsy will emerge.

This piece started as a small metal box, was decorated with whatever I could gather at the time. it is so much fun.

I wish I could make it ten times bigger. Imagine the size of a real magic bus big enough to sit it, enjoy the song magic bus, and capture to true meaning of an art installation.





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