Paper Provides Two Artists with a Surface for Passionate Self-Expression

passionate self-expression
The Lido Hotel, once affectionately known as the Pink Hotel. Photo credit © Marck Webster

There is something about living at the beach, spending time by the ocean, that attracts artists and nurtures passionate self-expression. The community of Long Beach, NY is a mecca for all types of creative individuals. Two visual artists, in particular, use the traditional surface of paper. What they have done with paper is very different. At the same time, both are clearly artists embodying passionate self-expression.

The two artists featured here are perfect examples of this. They are Marck Webster whose Pink Hotel is shown above and Bob Shanley whose work follows as the second and equally talented artist.

Marck uses pen and color pencil. His technique is laborious. But as he explains, it is a timeless labor of love. He continues to amaze and amuse with what he expresses through these traditional tools. To see Marck in action, watch this creative gem from, YOLO Video Productions by Barbara Travers.


passionate  self-expression
It’s All In The Brush. Photo credit: © Bob Shanley

Bob started out as a reluctant photographer. As much as he loved to take pictures, his subjects were not enthusiastic. That has changed dramatically. His medium has also changed with the technology. An ardent Photoshop artist, he now creates amazing images on paper using features of this computer application to enhance his subject matter.

Almost every event that has taken place in Long Beach has been photographed by Bob. His creative seal makes events official and archives them in the annals of the city’s history. The images on his Facebook page demonstrate this.

Bob has also been the subject of a three part video series on the brainchild of another local creative person, Dave Feldman.

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The differences between the work of these two artists is transcended by their passionate self-expression. One is a color pencil artist. The other is a photographer. Yet both create colorful, unique, intensely creative and very moving stories.

Just a professional, personal note about Marck and Bob’s work. They both reproduce their work through a new technique called gicles. That way they can sell prints of their original masterpieces. Check their websites for purchasing details.

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