A Fabulous Furla Handbag


fabulous furla handbag
I have only found one Furla bags in person. In fact it is a round and fire engine red. It is similar to the one pictured here. Therefore, I had to have it.

My discovery of a Fabulous Furla Handbag is part of an interesting story. First of all, FURLA handbags were unknown to me. Not only that, I had no idea of its value. Most unusual was my introduction to this Furla bag. It was by coincidence that I found it when I attended a local community Thrift sale.

My First Furla I loved it, especially the unique round shape and bright color. First of all, it was fire engine red. Second of all, and rarely found, it was round. How rare is a round red handbag?! I had to have it.

History of Furla

That was the first time I heard of Furla. In fact, it was the only time for many years to come. When I did hear their name again, it was because I discovered a totally different kind of Furla bag online, such as the Jelly, Candy, and Re-Candy collections. In fact, they could not have been more different from their original rich leather predecessors that launched the company almost 100 years earlier in 1927 in Bologna Italy by Aldo Furlanetto.

Questions and Answers

Since much has changed since the founding of the wholesale leather goods company in 1927, a number of questions about Furla came to mind. Fortunately I found some answers in the article, Furla Bags-Handbag, Your Next Shoes

Question: Is Furla a luxury brand?
Answer: Yes, sort of. “One of the biggest debates around Furla is whether the brand falls into the ‘luxury’ category. It’s not on the same level as Gucci or Chanel, but it’s not at the level of Longchamp or Kate Spade.

Furla sits comfortably in the spot known as ‘accessible luxury’. While their bags won’t break the bank, they’re investment pieces that will last you a lifetime, with impeccable Italian craftsmanship.” Furla Bags-Handbag, Your Next Shoes

For example, these are accessible luxury bags more prestigious than Coach, let’s say, Kate Spade, and Dooney & Bourke, for example.
Luxurious Furla soft leather bags costing over $500.

Question:How Can you Tell if a Furla is a Fake?
Answer: 6 Best ways to identify fake Furla bags
“When we think of counterfeit bags, it’s usually top-tier luxury brands that jump to mind. The counterfeit or ’super fake’ market is larger than ever and becoming more prominent thanks to social media platforms like TikTok.

Brands at the attainable luxury price point are also finding themselves becoming victims of the counterfeiting industry. As a timeless brand with versatile designs, it’s no surprise that Furla has joined this list.

The best way to ensure that you’re purchasing a genuine Furla bag is to buy directly from the brand or an authorized stockist like Saks Fifth Avenue or Farfetch. If you’re planning to purchase a Furla bag pre-loved from a website or store, you want to know what signs to look out for.” Furla Bags-Handbag, Your Next Shoes

Second Generation Furla

There are actually two things that contribute to the collectability of Furla bags. The first is the Furla-Brand concept that was established when Aldo’s children Carlo, Paolo and Giovanna joined their father in the company. In fact, this was in the 1970s. Then the second aspect is part of the next generation which is described below.

Believed to be birthed in this century the Yellow school bag is a knockout.

The Next Generation

Question: What brought about the dramatic addition changing the style from solely traditional quality leather goods to include nylon and rubber?
Answer: This latest collection is attributed to Giovanna. It has actually breathed new, vibrant life into an already outstanding accessible luxury European handbag and accessories dynasty. Most importantly, this latest collection includes an emphasis on recyclability and sustainability. In fact, the fun Furla designs collection follows for viewing.

Furla Bloom Bag
Bloom bag
Made with a paperlike fabric and biodegradable from New Arrivals
Furla Candy Bag
A purple Furla Candy bag on ebay.com

Furla Jelly Bag
Furla Mini Jelly
Great looking Furla Jelly Bag in light blue on Poshmark.com

The Latest Furla

Furla Re•candy Bag The Furla Re•candy Bag is currently one of the hottest fashion statements amongst young and Gen z women. In addition, this new Re•candy is totally recyclable. This is all due to the fact that this fine leatherware company has also a growing focus on recyclability and sustainability.
Fabulous Furla Handbag
Furla-Re•candy exhibit at the 2022 Milan Fashion Week featured in a Town & Country article, photo courtesy of Furla.



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