Spreading Joy : Posting some of my favorite things today

Spreading Joy from +Diply

Spreading joy is an essential component of a fulfilling life.

This statement may seem like a profundity. But is it one of the most basic elements of a joyful life. We are all so busy keeping busy. Social Media has become all consuming. It is a gift and a curse.

Today, I am inspired to share the joy I am finding on it. I have been drawn to Google+ lately. I am sure it has many more profound uses than the one I have just discovered. It is the Pinterest component. In face, I feel like I am on Pinterest when I use the ‘posting’ feature. So let’s pin some Google+ posts (from +Diply and +Fashion is my Attitude) as a way of spreading joy today.

These hydrangea cupcakes make the most appealing photo and irresistible treat. I smile every time I look at this image and the others that follow.

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