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Since 1937, the NYC Public Retail Markets serve as culinary gathering places. Originally a 10-market system, these markets were constructed by the City of New York itself. The continued goal is to provide the public with an affordable supply of fresh food. Today, six remaining markets serve as a thriving testament to the food history that enriches New York City.

(Left) Typical scene of Lower East Side St peddlers and (Right) Mayor LaGuardia opens the First Avenue Retail Market, 1938 (Museum of the City of New York).
Mission At NYC Public Retail Markets, the central mission is to foster shared prosperity, equity, and empowerment across the city. In doing so, this strengthens neighborhoods and creates entrepreneurial job opportunities as well.

• • Bronx-East-Harlem
the Arthur Avenue Market in the Bronx and La Marqueta in East Harlem
Commitment Actually, the commitment is to make these markets not only world-class destinations. But it is also to provide access to affordable, healthy food—all as well. In addition to that preserving each market’s cultural heritage is also crucial.
Gourmet Glatt in Brooklyn and Moore Street in Brooklyn
Thriving Ethnic Diversity Of the original ten markets, a six market system survives today. In fact, it include locations all over New York City. the Arthur Avenue Market, Essex Market, Gourmet Glatt, Jamaica Farmers Market, La Marqueta, and the Moore Street Market.
Lower East Side of Manhattan and Jamaica, Queens, NY


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Arthur Avenue Market
Essex Market
Gourmet Glatt
Jamaica Farmers Market
La Marqueta
Moore Street Market


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