UNIQUE CINEMA CONNECTIONS can link TV series, movies and actors that otherwise would have no relationship. This technique doubles as a way to demonstrate one’s knowledge of film acting, movie themes, and cinema history as well.

Actually I find unique cinema connections fascinating, challenging, and even entertaining. These days movie watching at home is very easy since the proliferation of so many TV channels that are devoted to current and old movies.
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In fact the only requirement to make these kinds of connections is to have a sufficient body of film knowledge to make seemingly unconnected themes or actors connect. With sufficient knowledge, one can connect sets of films and actors using this linking system.

How It Works For example one can select two totally unrelated actors or themes, end to end. In this case, I have chosen JK Simmons at the beginning of the unique cinema connection and Susan Kohner at the end. Actually they never appeared in anything together. Their careers have no time crossover. Finally their appearance themes are unrelated. But in spite of these factors, they can be connected by following a set of unique cinema links.
JK Simmons bio on imdb.com


JK Simmons as the bar owner in LA La Land

JK SIMMON, the Musical Director in Whiplash

Miles Teller bio on imdb.com

Miles Teller in Whiplash (A LA GENE KRUPA or Buddy Rich)

Sal Mineo bio on imdb.com


Susan Kohner bio on imdb.com

SUSAN KOHNER as GENE KRUPA’s girlfriend in the Gene Krupa Story

SUSAN KOHNER in Imitation of Life

In Conclusion

This post began with JK Simmons in two contemporary films and flows through a series of cinema links to Susan Kohner in Imitation of Life released in 1959. The two actors never appeared in anything together. Besides that they shared no beginning and ending themes. But through a series of cleverly selected links the former connected to the latter in some terrific movies over a period of about seven decades. This is the story of unique cinema connections.


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