Traditional Food Preservation: Churning Cream into Butter

traditional food preservation

Traditional Food Preservation
One ways to preserve food is to churn cream to make butter. Historically, cream was the perishable food. Churning cream turned it into butter. But time and technology have provided a major change.

Instead of using a machine to churn, the cream was churned by hand. No need to go to the gym when one worked the arms with this traditional task.
Antique butter churn with hand crank-ebay
Traveling Back in Time

Actually, many other traditional food preservation systems existed then as well.
They are options even today although they may not be the most efficient ones.
But for anyone interested in a taste of the past, these options can be like a trip back in time.

Two descriptions follow this. In fact, they include videos for making butter the traditional way.



Making butter from (perishable) milk/cream-Video One

Making Butter from (milk/cream) Here is another video about making butter the old fashioned way. Making Butter served two traditional purposes. The first is preserving a perishable liquid, cream into a solid, butter. Another is creating a delicious fat that can be flavor other foods. In fact, adding herbs provided extra special flavor.
Traditional Food Preservation
Butter mold making equipment is available at
Butter Decoration
Homemade butter could have two purposes. They were for domestic use while the other was for commercial sale. Although a special design or pattern made it more appealing, branding was the the primary purpose to identity a butter-makers at a local, community market. Think of it as a branding pattern like labels are today(1).

Making butter from (perishable) milk/cream-Video Two

Butter Branding
Modern butter is branded by its packaging. On the other hand tradition butter branding was a pattern applied directly to the block of butter itself. A wooden carved mold was used to create the impression.
Butter branding-individual butter pattern and modern butter label
These topics are part of my Traditional Food Preservation Blog Post Series. Their discussion takes place in past and future preservation posts.
burying in ground
burying in fat in a barrel
root cellar storage
jar canning

(1)Alice Ross Hearth Studios, Workshop at Rock Hall Museum, Long Island NY, Butter decoration/branding explanation

How to Make Butter the Old Fashioned Way

traditional food preservation

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Traditional Food Preservation: Glass Jar Canning

food canning jars history

An original glass jar canning method begins with a story that is 200 years old. The technique was invented in 1810(1). A (competitive?) inspiration by Napoleon Bonaparte began in 1795 also brought results 15 years later with metal cans.(2)

The original glass jar had no thread to grip a metal closure onto it. Required instead was sealing with paraffin wax since the canning system had no other means of closure. The paraffin wax seal could last for up to about six months.

ebay antique food canning jars with paraffin wax for 1810 sealing technique

food-canning-jar-historyauthor’s note related to this post

Actually, about 50 years later in 1858, John L. Mason (of mason-kerr-ball jars) invented a threaded lip jar along with a two piece sealing lid. The result of this invention allowed for a vacuum seal that was essentially sterile. Thus a long lasting storage system became available. Documentation and directions about this is much easier to find in future writings.

Quote from ‘Home Canning with Paraffin Wax’
Paraffin Wax: Short Term Method
As a temporary sealant mentioned above, paraffin was available. But for long term storage, a paraffin seal was not the safest way to seal a jar. Mold could form if the seal was not air tight.

Traditionalists like Homestead Tessie like this old fashioned method. She scrapes mold off the top of jam so as not to waste the entire jar. ‘Waste not, want not’. Traditional canning is part of her intentional homestead lifestyle.

What you need to can your berry favorite fruit jelly or jam. Don’t forget the berries. Supplies from various internet sites.
Dangers Due to heat and cold, expansion and contraction also posed a liability. Lastly, botulism and even death were extreme, out of the ordinary, possibilities. But this wax technique was adopted by Survivalist Preppers for dire circumstances. It is demonstrated in the video below.

Canning Food for Survival with Wax by Paul Helinski

Keeping Traditions
Originally paraffin was the only seal available with jar canning as shown in the video above. It is a system that can be used ‘if the grid goes down’. Once safer methods were available, wax was not necessary. In spite of this, there is more to the story.

Actually, this traditional system is still practiced today. It is demonstrated in the video below. The author also explains why she likes to use it.

Preserving Grape Jam Using Paraffin Wax Keeping Traditions

There are other blog posts in this series that reveal traditional food storage systems. They include:

burying in ground
burying in fat in a barrel
root cellar storage
cream churning to make butter and buttermilk
jar canning

(1)Home Canning with Paraffin Wax

(2)A Brief History of Canning Food

Canning 101: Why You Shouldn’t Can Like Your Grandmother Did

What is modern homesteading?

Jam jar clip art

food canning jars history

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Being a fly fishing beginner again simply is the most accurate way to describe myself and the contents of this post. I am writing about a sport that I am very passionate about, freshwater fly fishing. Actually, this writing describes my return to it after a ten year hiatus as well as various, random aspects of this favorite recreational sport.


fly fishing beginner
Fly fishing photo from wikipedia
They include:


“References to fly-like fishing comes as early as the 2nd century AD. In a letter, Roman Claudius Aelianus described a specialized form of angling by Macedonians on the Astraeus River. According to Aelianus, the Macedonians used hooks dressed with red wool and feathers taken from under a rooster’s waddle to catch fish.”
“The history of western fly fishing is much more recent than ancient angling with the first written record of flies found in 13th century English records. The earliest flies were described as tufts of feather tied around hooks used to catch grayling and trout . . .”(1)


gentlemens-sportIn contrast with other types of fishing, fly fishing evolved from a gentleman’s recreational pastime. As a result, it was considered a contemplative even spiritual activity.
A Spiritual Sport
In fact, being one with the mind of the fish rather than at battle against the body of a fish is the way I also experience it. This is the reason why I love fly fishing. In other words, it is primarily a spiritual respite rather than a physical struggle to me.


salt-waterIn contrast to fresh water fly fishing, saltwater fly fishing is typically done with heavier tackle than that which is used for freshwater trout fishing, both to handle the larger, more powerful fish, and to accommodate the casting of larger and heavier flies.


A Physical Sport
In contrast to my passion for freshwater fly fishing, saltwater fly fishing holds no interest for me. How ironic. Since I live so close to the Atlantic ocean. Actually any kind of saltwater fishing would be easily accessible to me.
special-gearEarly images of the fly fisherman often show this sportsman in a dress suit simply with a rod and reel. In contrast the gear and equipment of today is much more complicated.
In fact, from head to toe there are clothing, accessories as well as equipment specific to the properly prepared angler.

Besides the requisite fly fishing rod and reel, additional essential items can include:

a. chest high waders with waterproof boots
b. hat or attachment with a band for flies
c. a catching net
d. basket for caught fish


fly-fishing-beginnerOne of the very first lessons I got in fresh water fly fishing was that live bait is prohibited. Related to this, is a quick story. The first time I went fly fishing I had a choice between two shops. The former was an Orvis Outlet.
At that location, a group of fly fishing beginners was gathered around an outdoor table studying the etymology of flies. In spite my being a fly fishing beginner, I knew this was not the way I wanted to begin. This is because what brought me to try fly fishing in Colorado was fishing, not studying.
My Kind Of Place
As it turned out directly around the corner was another much smaller shop, Frying Pan Angler. My discovery was the proverbial local ‘hole in the wall’ type place. It was situated between a gas station and a small yogurt shop with a no live bait sign boldly displayed on the door. Immediately, I knew this was the place for me.
Don’t Kiss the Fish
Despite my being a fly fishing beginner on a short vacation, I still got to spend some quality time with the staff and guides. My mentor told me that live bait will kill the trout and then the water will become toxic. He also warned me against kissing the fish I caught that would be released. Human germs and trout streams do not mix. This ultimately explained reasons why imitation flies along with fly tying are essential to this sport.(2)

Here’s a video illustrating how a freshwater fishing fly is made.

Since freshwater fly fishing fake flies must mimic their live, seasonal version, one needs many hand tied flies to match the season and the kind the fish one seeks to catch. Therefore no flyfishing sports person can have too many flies. In conclusion, one needs a place to store them. So many boxes are designed to hold them.
Women and Fly Fishing doning FisheWear from True North Trout.


Alison, Begins Fly Fishing Againfly-fishing-women
Eureka! So here I am (was) where the Roaring Fork River meets the Frying Pan River in Basalt Colorado. In fact, I’m fly fishing for the first time. To my delight, I found it to be as wonderful in real life as I always dreamt it would be.
Actually, the above was ten years ago in Colorado. So my return to ‘catch and release’ had a ten year lapse so that makes me a beginner, again. My return took place on Saturday, Sept 17th, 2022 at the Connetquot State Park Preserve on Long Island, NY. It was, in fact, through my attendance at the 3rd Annual Women’s Fly Fishing Expo.
fish caught and released
Alison, instructor Ed, and rainbow trout at the 3rd Annual LI Women’s Fishing Expo 9.17.2022 at Connetquot River State Park Preserve. Photo taken by my husband.
Famous Women in Fly Fishing
Although the amount of men who fly fish still outnumbers the number of women, we have made our mark. To prove this point, refer to the fascinating article Six Women Who Are Revolutionizing the World of Fly Fishing
Famous Women in Fly Tying
“OKAY BOYS, GET OVER IT: women have made some of the most important contributions in the fine art of fly tying.” So begins the article below, The Women of Fly Tying.

It comes as no surprise that the film, ‘A River Runs Through It’ is part of the Brad Pitt trilogy sprinkled with gold. Besides the awards it accumulated, it has also won over new fans to fly fishing. Without a doubt, it has also rekindled the hearts of those like myself who already have a strong sense of connection to this spiritual sport.

A. History of Fly Fishing

B. Fly Fishing – Everything You Want to Know

C. History of Fly Fishing: A Short Guide

D. Fly Fishing from Wikipedia

E. (1)History of Fly Fishing

F. Fly Fishing History

G. (2) Image compiled from ‘do not enter sign’ and ‘worms’ website

H. US Womens Fly Fishing Team

I. Six Women Who Are Revolutionizing the World of Fly Fishing

J. Women in Fly Fishing

K. The Women of Fly Tying

L. River Bay Outfitters in Baldwin on LI, my local source for everything flyfishing


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The current ‘Fios Free Internet’ promotion needs close examination. This is because offers of something for free may not beat the competition’s price without something for free. Such is the case with the current offer from Fios, the internet provider that is Optimum’s competition. Below is a flyer about this promotion.

The flyer describing the current promotion from ‘Fios for Free’ Home Internet service.
free internet
Contact information for the free Fios Home Internet with Verizon’s Fios Forward discount

Making a comparison might seem confusing and overwhelming. It is important to do the following:
a. learn what the program offers at
find out whether or not you qualify for the Fios program
b. know what program you participate in and exactly what you have as well as what you are paying now at
c. find out if you qualify and if the offer saves you money by contacting the person whose name is on the flyer (bottom left side of flyer).
Find out if you qualify for the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program. The flyer specifies how to do this in the bottom left hand corner.
Verizon fios internet service and TV provider
Continue only if you qualify. We qualified. So the next thing to do was to ascertain what program we had and how much we pay. We have the Optimum triple play program which is a discounted package. It normally costs $122/month. In addition, we have another discount program of $30 more off each month. So we pay $92/month.

As an alternative, if someone is not signed up for anything or already signed up with Fios for all their services, the free internet offer might very well be an advantage. But, as Optimum subscribers, it would not be for us. If we dropped the triple play program, the cost for TV and telephone service would equal about what we are already paying for everything, $92/month.

optimum.nrt play monthly bill

Personally, we would not benefit from the Verizon Fios Free Internet Program because we already have the Internet with the Optimum triple play package. But if we did not have triple play or the additional $30/month discount, the Fios program might benefit us.

There is a lot to consider here because a ‘something for nothing’ offer is not as simple as it appears to be. Instead, it is a something for nothing offer with several ‘ifs’ involved. So be sure to do your due diligence. That way you will know for certain that you are getting the best Internet deal, free offer or not.
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SPECTATOR SPORT STYLE: What Are Spectator Pumps?



The meaning of spectator sport style as in ‘spectator pumps’ was a complete mystery to me in my youth. So I decided to do some indepth research recently to find out. As it turned out, the spectator pump was part of the spectator sport style that appeared in the fashion world starting in the 1920s. In fact, the trend has survived over the last century to a greater or lesser degree.

Curiosity Plants the Seed
As a result of long term curiosity, I decided to explore where this name came from and why fashions were branded ‘spectator’. Basically, all I knew from my youth in the mid 1950’s was the name ‘spectator pumps’. As a matter of fact, my mother had a pair of them. Because they were so popular most women did. Thus, I wanted to know where this popular but strange name came from.
spectator sport style
Women’s Spectator Style Pumps from


It turns out that the definition of spectator sport style that even exists in fashion today, can be summarized by the name of a particular fashion icon, Ralph Lauren. Granted, he was not the inventor of the style. None the less, he immortalized this classy fashion statement.

Iconic Brand
As a result. this fashion style has great popularity still. In addition, it has brought great fortune for the Ralph Lauren brand. To summarize this definition are simply these words ‘a fashion style for spectating sports’. And it comes in many clothing items and accessories.


The history of this style includes specific and classic for both men and women. Therefore, this next section from Spectator Sport Style addresses those qualities with description and appropriate photos (as much as possible).


Part One: Men’s Winter Spectator Fashions
spectator sport style
Racoon coat circa 1920’s spectator sport fashions from Wiki
“Attending sporting events was a popular leisure time practice that was popularized in the 1920s. Fashion-conscious spectators dressed in attire appropriate for a variety of sports events. The weather often dictated the fashion.

For instance, male and female college students who attended autumn and early winter football games wore bulky raccoon fur coats or heavy tan-colored camel hair and woolen polo coats belted at the waist or with a partial belt at the back.”

Part One: Women’s Winter spectator sport style
spectator style fashion
tailored woolen tweed suits with knee-length skirts
“Women’s sportswear was becoming more masculine. By the late 1920s college-aged women wore tailored woolen tweed suits with knee-length skirts and loose-fitting slacks to collegiate sports events.”

(I was unable to find an exact replica of the sort of outfit described above. But the Hermes tailored woolen tweed suit pictured above bears a close resemblance to it. Granted the shoes may be from a later date.)




Part Two: Warm Weather Events Spectator Fashions
“Warm weather events such as horse races often were held in stylish surroundings such as resorts. Wealthy male spectators wore navy blue woolen blazers with gold buttons.”

men's fashion
Men’s Navy Blue Blazer with Gold Buttons and
Handmade Men Black and White Shoes, Men Spectator Dress Shoes, Brogue Shoes

“In the late 1920s men and women began wearing black-and-white spectator sports style shoes. They were white wing-tipped leather shoes trimmed with black leather or patent leather at the toes and heels.”

spectator sport style
Women’s Spectator Ferragamo shoe and matching Diophy handbag

“Women wore spectator pumps with matching spectator handbags, white leather rectangular pocketbooks with a clasp at the top and black leather or patent leather trim at the four corners.” (I was unable to find the exact vintage handbag. Instead I included this current, very handsome Diophy bag).

Part Three: Aviator Jackets Became Spectator Rage
“In 1927 Charles Lindbergh (1902-1974) became the first aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. He became an instant popular cultural hero to millions of Americans. By 1928 fans of Lindbergh bought mass-produced reproductions of his leather aviator jacket to wear at sports events”.

spectator sport style
CHARLES LINDBERGH AVIREX A-2 Bombers Cockpit Flight Leather Jacket. Very RARE

Part Four: Golf Participant and Spectator Outfits
“Golf matches also were fashionable places to see and be seen. Men watching the golf games wore clothes that mimicked the players’ outfits: three-piece sports suits that featured knickers (loose-fitting pants that ended just below the knees, usually fitted at the bottom by a button), a vest, and a jacket.”
spectator style fashion
Vintage golf outfits from a variety on manufacturers available on
“These often were made of light-woven woolens or tweeds. Knickers were worn with colorful argyle (diamond-shaped pattern) knee socks. Many of the accessories to golf attire, such as ties, caps, and socks, often were fashioned from Scottish clan plaids, because the game of golf was developed in Scotland.”

Part Five: Tennis Participants and Spectator Outfits For Men
1920s tennis
From Vintage Fashions comes this example of the men’s tennis outfit. It is similar to the spectator’s attire.
“For tennis matches spectators wore variations of tennis players’ garb.
“The major difference was that tennis players wore white only. Men often wore soft, loose-fitting white woolen flannel trousers with a navy blazer.

Part Five: Tennis Participants and Spectator Outfits For Women

“Women wore knee-length pleated summer dresses in white or pastels, or loose trousers with pleats in the front.

During the late 1920s many women chose to wear berets, or soft, wide rounded woolen caps with narrow headbands, with their spectator style clothing”

spectator style fashion
1920s tennis clothes on


HATS: The Ultimate Spectator Sport Accessory The Kentucky Derby is home to one of the most spectacular spectator sport events today. It even has a signature spectator sport fashion, the Derby hat. It would seem that almost as many people enjoy the hats as do the horses.
If you would like to learn more, about this unique tradition, click this link. What sets the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks apart from other sports and entertainment events? It’s the hats!
spectator style fashion
The brilliant and never over stated Kentucky Derby Style Hat
Don’t miss this link for more about the A History of the Kentucky Derby’s Iconic Hats along with a sizeable source and resource section below.


The Diophy Spectator Style Satchel Bag in Black and White
Diophy Handbags
Leo Women’s Giordano Spectator Dance Shoe
Spectator Sports Style
Ralph Lauren Spectator Sport Style Sports Style

Glamour Daze 1920’s Fashions

Vintage Dancer

1920s Tennis Clothing: Outfits and Styles

Spectator Shoes for Men

Peacock, John. Men’s Fashion: The Complete Sourcebook. London, England: Thames and Hudson, 1996.

Peacock, John. 20th Century Fashion. London, England: Thames and Hudson, 1993.

argyle vest on

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Colorful Accessories I Love

colorful accessories
A sampling from the collection of colorful, original scarves and shawls from creates this wonderful, colorful border above

colorful accessories
Chanel evening bag sold on Rebag


I love all kinds of colorful accessories. They range from head to toe. For example, these include items from hats to handbags. Then handbags to scarves and shawls. Even scarves and shawls to shoes. As well as shoes to costume jewelry. Whatever the item is, there is one thing that they all have in common.

Stepping out in Stride

Kurt Geiger makes an outrageous colorful statement in the shoe department. No need to take my word for this. Instead check what’s next in colorful accessories.
colorful acccessories
Kurt Geiger shoes for casual and dressup occasions.

Going Out in Style

Emphatically, the one thing all these items share is their flair. The Kensington collection from Kurt Geiger of London is a statement to their pallette.
colorful accessories
The Kurt Geiger Kensington Collection of very Colorful purses


Colorful accessories come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. These Balenciaga bags are definitely at the over the rainbow end of prices. But appeal is not always based on cost. In fact, I have also found some very affordable brands that are equally as attractive. Dasein and Diophy are two such companies. You can learn more about them in a little while.

This Balenciaga Logo Ville Bag Printed Leather XXS available on ReBag is a perfect example of a fantastic colorful accessory.
IMAGINE: Everyday Affordable and Still Colorful
Here are two colorful bags that I have now. One is a Dasein handbag in turquoise. The other is in orange. They are available is numerous other solid colors in addition to a leopard print. Just imagine if this style came in the colors of the Balenciaga bag above. It is my dream idea for Dasein to create a bag in the Rainbow pattern colors. In fact, I plan to ask them to make this design.
colorful accessories
Above are the Turquoise and Orange Faux Patent Handbags available from and
Last but not least is a brand called Diophy. In fact, they carry some amazing colorful patterns at very reasonable prices. Here is an example of both the affordable and the irresistible.
colorful accessories
Diophy plaid bags


Hermes Scarf and Silk Accessories

Kurt Geiger of London




scarves & shawls
Colorful scarves and shawls from
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Hobby Treasures Hunt: Latest Handbag Discoveries


I keep a close watch on what is new as well as what is newly available in the world of handbag treasures. Let’s say this is sort of the-bag-of-the-month club. Sometimes there are bags I have never seen before. Then I jump for joy.

Other times, there are bags I love so much, they bear repeating. There are even handbag treasures that are so affordably special that I have been able to purchase them. Dasein fits right into that category. This brand is featured at the conclusion of this post.


There are several brands that I adore. Besides this, I have special ways that I keep track of my passion for my favorite brands. To start, let me introduce the brands:


handbag treasures
An unusual shape and color of the unique Arcadia bag

Dooney & Bourke

handbag treasures
Pebble Grain Zip Zip Satchel


handbag treasures
This season’s and my favorite, cherry pattern in several styles

Kate Spade

handbag treasures
My most favorite Kate Spade clutch.

handbag treasures
Wow, what an intense blue. Reasonably priced an available in over a dozen colors.
Since my budget does not allow for purchases of most of these treasures, an occasional blog post about them satisfies my hunger.


All of these sources appear in an earlier blog post:
Websites for each brand
Upscale Malls
Discount Outlets

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American Food History: High on the Hog



Definitive American food history narratives are presented in the book by Jessica B. Harris as well as in the video series by Stephen Satterfield based on the book.

The titles of both are High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America. This blog post focuses on this phenomenon.

JESSICA B. HARRIS American culinary historian, professor, cookbook author and journalist
Queens-Born Jessica B. Harris Receives James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award













STEPHEN SATTERFIELD African-American food writer, producer, and media entrepreneur.
Stephen Satterfield is Changing the Way We Tell Stories About Food

THE VIDEO: High on the Hog

Video of American Food History, High on the Hog

Actually, I have several favorite anecdotes from the ‘High on the Hog’ story. The yam versus sweet potatoes story is one of them. In fact, yams and sweet potatoes are not the same.

Yams are not the same as sweet potato but confusion about them exists
sweet potato
Sweet potatoes are often confused with yams but they are not the same

In fact, yams do not even grow in this country. They grow in Africa. On the other hand, the US is home to sweet potatoes. So if you see something in the US named yams, it is not from the US.

The food history narrative reflects the music narrative in Rumble, the history of 20th Century American Music. Both bring fascinating insight into the cultures of American music and food history.


Tracing the slave trade to America reflects additional cultural history. It is actually the transformation of African American food to American food.

This adds to the rich musical history of America. It is detailed in the blog post, RUMBLE in a previous post.


Video of American Music History, Rumble

Please watch both of these videos to get an educational and entertaining understanding of these cultural histories. I highly recommend them.


Queens born Jessica B. Harris Receives James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award
The History Makers: Jessica B. Harris
Oldways: Jessica B. Harris, PhD.
Stephen Satterfield is Changing the Way We Tell Stories About Food
Whetstone Magazine on Facebook
Whetstone Magazine Website
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RUMBLE: The Roots of Rock ‘n Roll Rhythm


Rock ‘n Roll Roots Rhythm Are Now Known to Pre Date African American Music

The Rock’ n Roll roots rhythm is based in the Native American musical progression known as RUMBLE. Actually, African American music is part of the evolution of rock ‘n roll. But it is not the sole or earliest contribution to this music as previously believed or documented.

The Three note progression of Rock’n Roll’s Native American DNA

Less than a decade ago, numerous prestigious documentary sources made public these newly revealed findings. In fact, these sources are documented by public media programs. All of them were published around 2015.

1.RUMBLE: A Documentary on Netflix

Rumble: Rock'n Roll Roots
RUMBLE: Rock ‘n Roll Roots on Netflix

2.Rumble on Imdb

Rock'n Roll origins
RUMBLE: Rock ‘n Roll Roots on Imdb

3.Rumble on PBS

Rock'n Roll origins
Rumble on PBS

4.Rumble on the Guardian

Rock'n Roll Roots
Rumble on The Guardian

5.Rumble on NPR

Rumble on NPR
Rumble on NPR

Wikipedia’s History of Rock’n Roll

Origins of rock’n roll From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Contrary to the above published documentaries, the following quote of rock ‘n rolls history lacks the inclusion of any reference to Native American musical influence on this topic.

ROCK ‘N ROLL: The Popularized Version

“History of rock and roll” redirects here. For the radio program, see The History of Rock and Roll. For the TV program, see The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
“The origins of rock and roll are complex. Rock and roll emerged as a defined musical style in the United States in the early to mid-1950s. It derived most directly from the rhythm and blues music of the 1940s, which itself developed from earlier blues, the beat-heavy jump blues, boogie woogie, up-tempo jazz, and swing music. It was also influenced by gospel, country and western, and traditional folk music.[1] Rock and roll in turn provided the main basis for the music that, since the mid-1960s, has been generally known simply as rock music.

“The phrase “rocking and rolling” originally described the movement of a ship on the ocean, but it was used by the early 20th century, both to describe a spiritual fervor and as a sexual analogy. Various gospel, blues and swing recordings used the phrase before it became used more frequently – but still intermittently – in the late 1930s and 1940s, principally on recordings and in reviews of what became known as “rhythm and blues” music aimed at black audiences. In 1939 during the April 5th broadcast on “The Fred Allen- Town Hall Tonight- Show” the song “Rock and Roll” appeared as a barber shop quartet lead-in. In May 1942, long before the concept of rock and roll had been defined, a Billboard record review described Sister Rosetta Tharpe vocals on the upbeat blues song “Rock Me”, by Lucky Millinder, as “rock-and-roll spiritual singing”.

“In 1951, Cleveland-based disc jockey Alan Freed began playing this music style while popularizing the term “rock and roll” on mainstream radio.[2] Freed was the first radio disc jockey and concert producer who frequently played and promoted rock and roll.[3] Various recordings that date back to the 1940s have been named as the first rock and roll record, or at least as precursors of the music.[4]

The above quote and the additional musical history that follow are extensive. Actually, I found many familiar names from the African-American genre of American blues and rock ‘n rolls origins. But nowhere in this narrative is credit given to their now known Native American ancestry or birth of this music. For example, there is no mention of Charley Patton, Link Wray, Dockery Farm.
Charley Patton
Charley Patton’s short bio on Wikipedia

Blues DNA

Native Americans Enter the Picture Separate mention of musicians like Charley Patton do appear in his ancestry as, at least partly Native American. But, his musical participation does not go back further than blues history.

In addition to that, he is not credited with music style that led to rock ‘n roll. In direct contrast, all of the videos at the beginning of this blog post do indeed set the record straight. Fortunately, their impact is revealing in addition to paramount.

Dockery Farms
Rarely was it beneficial for Indians to publicize their Native American Ancestry. In fact, there was a horrific prejudice against this. Believe it or not, a person of color was safer passing for black rather than admitting to having Indian ancestry. Actually, the latter would result in an admitted Indian being sent to a reservation.

Fortunately, there was one rare exception to this known as Dockery Farms. This was an agricultural and musical haven for various indigenous people and people of ethnic origins.

Dockery Farms
Dockery Farms

Wikipedia’s History of Rock’n Roll Footnotes

[1] “The roots of rock music”. Retrieved February 25, 2021.
[2] “Alan Freed”. Britannica. March 4, 2018. Retrieved February 3, 2021. Alan Freed did not coin the phrase he popularized it and redefined it. Once slang for sex, it came to mean a new form of music. This music had been around for several years, but…
[3] Bordowitz, Hank (2004). Turning Points in Rock and Roll. New York, New York: Citadel Press. p. 63. ISBN 978-0-8065-2631-7.
[4] “When was rock’n’roll really born?”. The Guardian. April 16, 2004. Retrieved February 22, 2021.

Future writing in my blog posts will shed light on African American Food History. Based upon the fascinating series High on the Hog. Stay close to this blog for the upcoming post, soon.

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How My Pocketbook Passion Began

My pocketbook passion started about 30 years ago. Each year, I would buy myself a beautiful, popular, designer purse. To start my collection, I purchased numerous Dooney & Bourke bags, Coach bags, and then some Kate Spade bags.

pocketbook passion
Vintage Dooney & Bourke Teton Style Multi Color bag from

My Passion and My Search

I began my journey searching for and purchasing the most attractive Dooney & Bourke ‘All Weather Leather’ bags.

Since the Internet was not yet a means of advertising and purchasing, items were available from beautifully designed mail order catalogs.

In fact, this is where my passion for pocketbooks began. The handbag at the left is very similar to one of my first purchases.

FAST FORWARD: Outlet Malls and The Internet
outlet mall
A photo of a Tanger Outlet Mall with plenty of parking and discount upscale stores.

Over the years, the technology for shopping has become more sophisticated, appealing and convenient. If I want to make a purchase without leaving home, the Internet has become the place to go. If I want a feast including entertainment and purchasing delights, destinations like the Tanger Outlets are the ideal place to go

INTRODUCING: 21st Century Shopping – POSHMARK

There is no end to what I have been able to find online, at upscale mall shops and at mall outlet stores. But isn’t that the whole idea of retail shopping today? The possibilities are endless.

Here’s a video about the fascinating story of the immensely successful online social marketplace community known as Poshmark.

One brand, in particular has become my favorite vintage pocketbook passion, Italian made ARCADIA. This brand is one I recently discovered from the gangbuster technology for feeding my passion, online search and research. In fact, my favorite place to ‘window shop’ and purchase is on Poshmark. It is the hottest spot of them all. I visit almost daily.

arcadia collage
Four of my favorite vintage Arcadia handbags found on
The Evolution of How to Go Shopping

There is an evolutionary path to this search for collecting both new and vintage handbags. Collecting new handbags started with mail order catalogs and stayed there for many years. Then as technology was embraced, it evolved into the Internet.

Out of curiosity, I have even visited one of the Tanger Outlet Malls I had heard so much about. Of course I made a purchase. The mall was an appealing, well designed shopping village. In addition, it had a movie theatre so no parking space was wasted when shopping hours waned.

Three Primary Venues

At present, three venues have become my primary sources of feeding my pocketbook passion. They are online discount sources, like Poshmark, online company websites, and thrift stores.

Thrift stores are a great resource and a way that many non-profits raise money


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