Patent Leather Perfection


A pair of hot pink Oka b ballet shoes with a bow on the back from

Patent Leather Perfection is the name of my latest handbag discovery. In fact, it came about completely by accident. I was looking for details about a pair of hot pink Oka b ballet shoes.

Somehow I landed on Pinterest after searching on Instagram and there they were. Not the Oka b hot pink ballet shoes but a whole new collection of handbags.

Pink + Orange Matched to perfection, of course because I love pink. On Pinterest, I found a purse that fits into Patent Leather Perfection. Actually it’s a perfect match to the pink Oka b slip ons.

A pink + orange purse found on
Green + Pink Jelly Couture Pink Meadow Limited Edition Then I found another bag not only with pink but also in my favorite, popular color combination of green with pink.

Pink and Green Jelly Couture Pink Meadow Limited Edition on
Arcadia and Furla Round Bags Not only am I partial to certain color combinations but I also adore certain brands and shapes of handbags and shoes. Yes, Arcadia is one of them and Furla is the other. Both are unique to their brand. They’re round and both are part of patent leather perfection.

Here are two collectible round bags. One is an orange Arcadia. The other is a red Furla.

Speaking of Furla I found the most outrageous Furla bags on Pinterest. I adore them. In fact, I wish I could afford them. There is no coincidence that Furla named this style their jelly and candy collection.

A Furla handbag in red-white-and-blue from their jelly collection on


Oka b Hot Pink Ballet flats with back bow on Instagram
Patriotic colors Furla bag
Pink plus orange bag
Pink and Green Jelly Couture Pink Meadow Limited Edition
Arcadia orange round bag
Furla round red leather bag
Furla Pink + Purple Jelly
History of Furla Fashion

Furla | History, Trivia, All About


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How My Pocketbook Passion Began

My pocketbook passion started about 30 years ago. Each year, I would buy myself a beautiful, popular, designer purse. To start my collection, I purchased numerous Dooney & Bourke bags, Coach bags, and then some Kate Spade bags.

pocketbook passion
Vintage Dooney & Bourke Teton Style Multi Color bag from

My Passion and My Search

I began my journey searching for and purchasing the most attractive Dooney & Bourke ‘All Weather Leather’ bags.

Since the Internet was not yet a means of advertising and purchasing, items were available from beautifully designed mail order catalogs.

In fact, this is where my passion for pocketbooks began. The handbag at the left is very similar to one of my first purchases.

FAST FORWARD: Outlet Malls and The Internet
outlet mall
A photo of a Tanger Outlet Mall with plenty of parking and discount upscale stores.

Over the years, the technology for shopping has become more sophisticated, appealing and convenient. If I want to make a purchase without leaving home, the Internet has become the place to go. If I want a feast including entertainment and purchasing delights, destinations like the Tanger Outlets are the ideal place to go

INTRODUCING: 21st Century Shopping – POSHMARK

There is no end to what I have been able to find online, at upscale mall shops and at mall outlet stores. But isn’t that the whole idea of retail shopping today? The possibilities are endless.

Here’s a video about the fascinating story of the immensely successful online social marketplace community known as Poshmark.

One brand, in particular has become my favorite vintage pocketbook passion, Italian made ARCADIA. This brand is one I recently discovered from the gangbuster technology for feeding my passion, online search and research. In fact, my favorite place to ‘window shop’ and purchase is on Poshmark. It is the hottest spot of them all. I visit almost daily.

arcadia collage
Four of my favorite vintage Arcadia handbags found on
The Evolution of How to Go Shopping

There is an evolutionary path to this search for collecting both new and vintage handbags. Collecting new handbags started with mail order catalogs and stayed there for many years. Then as technology was embraced, it evolved into the Internet.

Out of curiosity, I have even visited one of the Tanger Outlet Malls I had heard so much about. Of course I made a purchase. The mall was an appealing, well designed shopping village. In addition, it had a movie theatre so no parking space was wasted when shopping hours waned.

Three Primary Venues

At present, three venues have become my primary sources of feeding my pocketbook passion. They are online discount sources, like Poshmark, online company websites, and thrift stores.

Thrift stores are a great resource and a way that many non-profits raise money


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