The World of Okabashi Footwear for Women and Men


Okabashi footwear is a new addition to my wardrobe. Their company has a trilogy of design divisions which include the original Okabashi, Oka b and Third Oak. To my surprise, I actually found the basic Okabashi style at my local CVS store.

Whenever I discover a new product, I like to research it thoroughly. In this case, I found out what makes Okabashi footwear so unique. This discovery actually came as quite a surprise to me. Here’s why.
The introduction to the concept of Okabashi shoe for women and men from their website
In addition, discovering them was very exciting because there are three style themes to choose from not just the one basic type style. My introduction was initially to this basic Okabashi summer shoe. The reason was that I was looking for my summer minimal type shoe. Fortunately, I found two simple pairs at CVS my go to source for them.
Okabashi basic styles found at CVS, women’s cruise and breeze footwear
Oka b Continuing with my research, I discovered another style. At first, I thought it was discontinued but then I found this style both new on Amazon as well as new and second hand on Poshmark.

In fact, this style is my favorite. That’s because they are is most decorative and colorful. If I had the budget, I would buy them in many colors. Here are two that I love.

Two versions of the decorative Oka b style footwear from
Third Oak Ultimately, the third and final style in the trilogy of Okabashi footwear is their Third Oak Collection. Although the simplest, they are the sleekest and sophisticated of all even though they are flip flops. In addition they are available online as well as in higher end retail destinations. Here are examples of what they look like. By the way, some even include a dust bag.

Third Oak Scout flip flops in three of their color themes, Moss Gold, Toffee Copper, Blush Pearl


If their history and story interest you, I have included an abundance of sources and resources below. In fact, this is an award winning story of how one company survived adversity. In addition, their survival is part of a technical marvel. Okabashi not only eco-friendly, made in the USA, guaranteed for two years, machine washable and an affordable, attractive purchase.


NEWSLETTERS SUBSCRIBE MAIN STREET This Family Lost Its Footwear Company in the Iranian Revolution. Now, It Makes 1.2 Million Shoes a Year in Georgia
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Okabashi Third Oak


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