Japanese Food Art Also Known As Artistic Makizushi Is Amazingly Fun

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As much as many of us love to eat sushi, Japanese food art or artistic makizushi is also a treat. A wonderful article found on www.Core77.com, Credit Where Credit is Due: Creator of These Amazing Sushi Roll “Drawings” is a Female Illustrator, Not a Male Sushi Chef Posted by hipstomp / Rain Noe | 12 Sep 2013 clearly illustrates this.

Women are not permitted to become sushi chefs. This comes from a tradition as old as sushi’s popularity itself. Sushi became popular in the Japanese Edo Period. Since sushi is served cold, it needs to be made cold. A woman’s hands were believed to be too warm to make a cold dish. So only men could become sushi chefs.

Although, to my knowledge, that tradition has not changed, there is no restriction on “making artistic makizushi (cooked rice, vegetables and/or seafood rolled into a seaweed wrap)”. Initially, Takayo Kiyota, the creator of the amazing work here, was mistaken for a man. But that is secondary to her art. She is a master at it, even if she has warm hands.

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The above examples of Takayo Kiyota’s are amazing Japanese food art. There are many different styles and kinds of designs. The closest thing they remind me of is Fimo Clay Art.
fimo clay art
Kennick Kreations – Fimo Clay Beads & Fimo Nail Art

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