Dress Up Your Feet with Decorative Socks

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Fun decorative socks are an essential part of a coordinated outfit. Not only do my socks have to be colorful. But they also have to inspire a story of their own.

There are in fact several ways to tell my sock story. This post explicitly verbalizes and shows images of how my fun decorative socks can coordinate with the rest of my outfit.

Without delay here are the four types of outfits I have coordinated with fun decorative socks.


1. Firstly they can match in color
Let’s say I am wearing an outfit with a the same color in both.
2. Secondly they can match in theme
As an outfit, I can wear socks that have a fruit them.
3. Thirdly, they can match in both theme and color.
But then specifically, my pants may have a cherry pattern. So my socks would have a cherry pattern. Finally, my pants can have a blue background cherry pattern. Then I can match them with an exact pair of socks.
4. Finally, an outfit matches in theme and color from head to toe.
This happens when I really go wild. Ultimately on those days that I display a special combination in my wardrobe.



In addition to their description, I want to show image examples of the fun decorative socks choices I’ve described above.
1. First of all, let’s start with an outfit that is matched using color.
Let’s say I have a solid color pair of pants, skirt or dress. In this case, I can match that to a fun decorative pair of socks with the same color background or foreground.

Hanpceirs Women’s Cap Sleeve 1950s Retro Vintage Cocktail Swing Dresses with Pocket from Amazon.com
Fun Colorful Socks Patterned Funky Happy Crew Sock Combed Cotton Stockings Packs on Amazon.com









2. Secondly, another way to match an outfit is by theme. For example, that means that the colors do not have to match but the design theme does. In this example, notice how the background colors do not match. But the strawberry theme does.

Belle Poque Women’s Vintage Sleeveless Solid Floral Ruched Summer Cute A-Line Flowy Swing Midi Dress on Amazon.com

HAPPYPOP Womens Funny Pickle Socks Donut Pineapple IVF Socks Girls Novelty Pickle Pineapple IVF Gifts Food Fruit-Socks on Amazon.com








3. Thirdly and my ultimate preference is they can match in both color and theme.I love everything cherries. Luckily, I found both a sweater and socks in black with cherries on them.

Belle Poque Women’s 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Button Down Cherries Embroidery Cropped Cardigan Sweater Coat on amazon.com

fun-decorative shocks
MAKABO Women’s Colorful Funny Novelty Casual Crew Socks Gift Packs on amazon.com








4. Lastly, the ultimate outfit. Everything matches from head to toe. In this case it’s Burberry classics. The next blog post will illustrate Burberry Classics ‘everything Burberry in between’.

socks by cettine
Burberry Instarsia Vintage Check Socks

Burberry baseball cap available at Saks Fifth Avenue









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