How climate change makes Everest an even deadlier game

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After 16 Sherpas died in a horrific avalanche on Everest, a writer who climbed the peak wonders what’s next for the world’s tallest mountain.

Alison D. Gilbert‘s insight:

It is fairly well known news at this point that towards the middle of April 2014, an avalanche on Mt. Everest killed 16 guides and injured 9 others. Primarily Sherpas, these ‘ice doctors’ are other nationalities as well.

Although all the guides are highly esteemed and well-paid compared to others in their poverty stricken region, the loss of life does not have an acceptable price tag. This tragedy takes many issues into consideration. One of them happens to be ‘climate change’ and the possibility that those who have climbed parts of Everest may be the last to have been in time to do it.

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