Pitbull mauls little boy; neighbors say it’s not the dog’s fault

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He reportedly went to his neighbors’ house to get his little brother and it almost cost him his life.

Alison D. Gilbert‘s insight:

This is my comment in response to the article, "I am hearing about so many attacks on people and even other animals by pit bulls. I know of a situation recently where a pit bull was allowed off its leash and attacked a service dog. I do not know yet if the service dog will survive. THIS IS INSANE. I agree with the comment below, "You will also not prevent the dog from being what he is genetically predisposed to be." Pit bulls are killing machines. It is their nature. They should be eliminated as pets or in any situation other than to do what they instinctively do, attack and kill."

Will we be in time to stop this insanity before anyone else is maimed or killed beside this breed of dog? 

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