My Past Professions, Present Passions and Possible Future Explorations Mirror the World of Mushrooms



It is amazing how mushrooms mirror past professions. In other words, my past professions, my current passionate pursuits, my hobbies and possible future explorations, all mirror the world of mushrooms. This is illustrated by the diagram below.
My past professions mirror the qualities of mushrooms and their most important conclusion, consciousness.


Their design is the first category where mushrooms mirror past professions. The intricacies of the designs of these fungi are unique while displaying a myriad of potential conversions into human structures. Enjoy this YouTube video showing the splendid morphology of mushroom. One wonders how much indigenous architecture is instinctively based on structure in the world of mushrooms.

This is a video clip from Fantastic Fungi directed by Louie Schwartzberg.


Their structural wonder is also clearly shown by the anatomy of a mushroom illustration below from the group, NY Mushroom Hunters.
An illustration of the anatomy of a mushroom


The category that practically screams how mushrooms mirror past professions is next. This is because of my involvement with these qualities. We love to eat them. An art of cooking and eating them abounds in all its culinary splendor.
A Virtual Cookbook as part of Fantastic Fungi


There are numerous companies and a myriad of mushrooms to choose from to grow your own mushrooms at home. In fact, this is the safest and simplest way for beginners to grow their own mushrooms.
These mushrooms were grown with a kit from It includes spore impregnated growing medium tightly packed in plastic. Cut holes in it, water and watch them grow.



In the movie, Fantastic Fungi, it is made clear that we could not exist, even that the earth could not exist without fungi. In fact, the processes of destruction and creation are intrinsic to the world of mushrooms and to our existence.



Mushrooms that are safe to eat are filled with vitamin D3. It has been said that they are essential for vegetarians and vegans. Two mushrooms a day are said to be healthful. In addition, there is research documenting how certain mushroom can be healing physically and mentally. The above video goes into some detail about these qualities of mushrooms.


As long as we stay open to the flow of intelligence available in the universe, we will learn, grow and enjoy the fruits of this labor.


The digital world is a reflection of the network of mycelia that connect under the earth. Mycelia are like the roots that bear fruit. Mushrooms are that fruit that appear above ground. As nature, the universes brain creates connection, man’s brain has created the internet.


One can not help wondering about the intelligence that flowed through my past professions as they mirrored the qualities of mushrooms. Was it a coincidence or the level of consciousness that flows through us as we connect with nature’s nature. Continued study and exploration will reveal more about how mushrooms mirror past professions as well as future explorations.
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PART TWO: The Baby Was Born In A Harvard Closet

Part Two was written by me, Alison D. Gilbert, The New York Graphic Design Examiner. It was published by the on January 14, 2011.

The Harvard Graduate School of Design Logo
The Harvard Graduate School of Design Logo

Charrette did not enter the New York scene until a few years after its birth. It was actually born (although not yet named) in a closet at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The idea was to house in one location all the supplies design students would need. This eliminated the need to take the time to travel to a dozen different locations to gather all the materials required for their projects.

As strange as the name Charrette sounds, anyone who has attended design school or has worked in a design office knows what a ‘charrette’ is. When students and professionals (particularly) in architecture stay up all night to meet a deadline, they say that they are “en charrette” or they are “charretting”.

The term came from the Ecole de Beaux Arts in Paris, which in the 19th century was the leading school of architecture in the world. When deadlines arrived, a CHARRETTE, the French word for wagon, would be pushed through the building and students had to place their drawings on the “charrette” or they would not be accepted.

Many students would actually sit or straddle the wagon as they signed their work or put down the last few lines. Students came to study in Paris from all over the world. When they graduated and returned home, they used the term “en Charrette” to define the last effort to finish a design project. This description applies primarily to the architecture and planning fields.

According to Lionel Spiro, since he and Blair Brown, the founders of Charrette, only planned to supply architects, they chose the name that they felt had special significance to their targeted market. However within a short time, Charrette was discovered by a succession of design professionals who used many of the same products.

Eventually manufacturing companies such as Raytheon, Ford, GM, and Chrysler eventually turned to Charrette for the majority of their design and engineering drawing needs. In addition, Charrette was discovered by hundreds of relatively small design offices within much larger government agencies in Washington.

Also included were structural, mechanical and civil engineers and later other engineers including electrical and electronic engineers. Commercial (graphic) designers, product designers and other creative people working at ad agencies, media firms and even television shows like Saturday Night Live became regular users of Charrette products as regular New York customers.


PART ONE: Invitation to a graphic memoir, the Charrette Corporation
PART TWO: The baby was born in a Harvard closet
PART THREE: Charrette meets ‘Big Apple’ graphic standards
PART FOUR: The Charrette New York creative culture
PART FIVE: The Charrette Chronicles Synopsis
The Charrette Alumni Group on Linked

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12 Homes Made From Shipping Containers – Design Milk

See how 12 architects used low-cost, environmentally-friendly shipping containers as modern alternatives in home design and architecture.


Alternatives to traditional architecture, shipping container homes are cost-effective, socially conscious and a really cool idea.

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NYC’s Mercedes House Designed by TEN Arquitectos of NYC and Mexico

pictures of the new luxury condo in NYC with its green stairway to the sky

NYC’s Mercedes House is a new luxury condo designed by TEN Arquitectos. Amongst its many other opulent amenities, it has “. . . a green stairway to the sky”.

Quotes from and photos from TEN Arquitectos.

This Inhabitat article by Molly Cotter describes it best, “Environmentally conscious luxury condos are popping up all over Manhattan lately, and Mercedes House is no exception. This incredible 1.3 million square foot compound features just about everything, including over 800 residential units, dozens of commercial and storage spaces, horse stables for the NYPD, and of course, a state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz dealership. With a sparkling LED-lit lobby by Leeser Architects and so many rooftop gardens even Central Park would be envious, the Mercedes House is a green oasis on Manhattan’s riverside edge.”

Another article by Molly Cotter of Inhabitat goes on to describe the lobby by Leeser Architects.

NYC’s Mercedes House, located on the West Side of NYC, stands as proud and grand as any other luxury condo that money can buy. That is, money to design it, money to build it and money to own (a piece of) it.

NYC's Mercedes House
A map of the neighborhood and location of NYC’s Mercedes House
Here are some details about the neighborhood and location of NYC’s Mercedes House.

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