My Past Professions, Present Passions and Possible Future Explorations Mirror the World of Mushrooms



It is amazing how mushrooms mirror past professions. In other words, my past professions, my current passionate pursuits, my hobbies and possible future explorations, all mirror the world of mushrooms. This is illustrated by the diagram below.
My past professions mirror the qualities of mushrooms and their most important conclusion, consciousness.


Their design is the first category where mushrooms mirror past professions. The intricacies of the designs of these fungi are unique while displaying a myriad of potential conversions into human structures. Enjoy this YouTube video showing the splendid morphology of mushroom. One wonders how much indigenous architecture is instinctively based on structure in the world of mushrooms.

This is a video clip from Fantastic Fungi directed by Louie Schwartzberg.


Their structural wonder is also clearly shown by the anatomy of a mushroom illustration below from the group, NY Mushroom Hunters.
An illustration of the anatomy of a mushroom


The category that practically screams how mushrooms mirror past professions is next. This is because of my involvement with these qualities. We love to eat them. An art of cooking and eating them abounds in all its culinary splendor.
A Virtual Cookbook as part of Fantastic Fungi


There are numerous companies and a myriad of mushrooms to choose from to grow your own mushrooms at home. In fact, this is the safest and simplest way for beginners to grow their own mushrooms.
These mushrooms were grown with a kit from It includes spore impregnated growing medium tightly packed in plastic. Cut holes in it, water and watch them grow.



In the movie, Fantastic Fungi, it is made clear that we could not exist, even that the earth could not exist without fungi. In fact, the processes of destruction and creation are intrinsic to the world of mushrooms and to our existence.



Mushrooms that are safe to eat are filled with vitamin D3. It has been said that they are essential for vegetarians and vegans. Two mushrooms a day are said to be healthful. In addition, there is research documenting how certain mushroom can be healing physically and mentally. The above video goes into some detail about these qualities of mushrooms.


As long as we stay open to the flow of intelligence available in the universe, we will learn, grow and enjoy the fruits of this labor.


The digital world is a reflection of the network of mycelia that connect under the earth. Mycelia are like the roots that bear fruit. Mushrooms are that fruit that appear above ground. As nature, the universes brain creates connection, man’s brain has created the internet.


One can not help wondering about the intelligence that flowed through my past professions as they mirrored the qualities of mushrooms. Was it a coincidence or the level of consciousness that flows through us as we connect with nature’s nature. Continued study and exploration will reveal more about how mushrooms mirror past professions as well as future explorations.
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I’m All About MUSIC, American Music History from the 1920’s through the 1970’s


Currently, I’m all about MUSIC, American Music HIstory from the 1920’s through the 1970’s. That’s because I am offering my talents and skills as Alison D. Gilbert, Music Publicist to crooner, Keith Galliher Jr. Music and his producer, Clarence Collins, former member and founder of Little Anthony & The Imperials. My activities include representing them on their record label, Imperials Plus Records. In addition, I am their #Ace Detective when it comes to solving #MusicMysteryChallenges on Two Paths, The Internet Radio Show.

Two Paths
Two Paths, The Internet Radio Show Facebook Page

In addition, I designed and manage their website, Imperials Plus Records as well as a manage the collection of related facebook pages linked to their facebook pages below. They include:
Keith Galliher Jr. Music
Clarence Collins, founder and former member of Little Anthony & The Imperials
Teddy Randazzo, Songwriter, singer and teen Rock ‘n Roll movie idol
Two Paths, The Internet Radio Show
Imperials Plus Records
American Music History Recorded
• Alison D. Gilbert, Music Publicist

Alison D. Gilbert, Music Publicist Facebook Page
Alison D. Gilbert, Music Publicist Facebook Page

The Alison D. Gilbert PURPOSE archived on the Alison D. Gilbert Website:

The Purpose for Being
The Purpose for Being





I have NOT abandoned my interests and activities from my past passions, vocations and professions. ART & DESIGN | FOOD & HEALING | SOCIAL MEDIA & SOCIAL ISSUES are archived on The Alison D. Gilbert Website or PAGES section and updated on their related facebook pages. There are also numerous other social media venues that provide inspirational information, current issue and other developments.

Alison D. Gilbert, Facebook Profile
Alison D. Gilbert, Facebook Profile

Facebook and other social media venues provide on-going, current information about my areas of interest:

decorative painted furniture
Decorative Painting by Alison Gilbert

• Art & Design-Intro
• Art & Design-2D
• Art & Design-3D
• Art & DEsign- Crafts and Decorative Design

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• Social Issues

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Do Not Eat Animals, Take Care of Them Instead

Do not Eat Animals, Take care of them. Eat Quinoa Instead

This comment, ‘Do not eat animals, take care of them instead’, comes from three year old Luiz Antonio and is explained by him in this video.

I think he would be delighted to see this field of quinoa, one of nature’s super foods, bountiful and beautiful.

Luiz Antonio is considered one of the rainbow children. Rainbow children are explained in the link provided. For those who question or wonder if we are evolving in consciousness, this post is a very interesting study.

According to Doreen Virtue’s, there are three levels of children on the earth today who have evolved consciousness, rainbow children, crystal children and indigo children. People who are familiar with these children would not be surprised to hear a three year old say, ‘Do not Eat Animals, Take Care of Them’.

To eat meat or not to eat meat is an age-old discussion between omnivores and various types of non-meat eaters. Documentation about meat consumption is provided in this post by The United Nations has been in the forefront of discussions, suggestions and endorsements about various foods of late. A post from included a video featuring Stephen Colbert and the suggested ‘UN endorsed bugs for protein diet’ or comically called mini-livestock.

Another more palatable and much less controversial declaration has been made by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, ‘International Year of the Quinoa IYQ-2013’. I plan to get into a much more in-depth conversation about ‘super foods’ like quinoa in future posts.

For now, enjoy this post and the accompanying Alison*s Art Online Magazines, at right. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments area.

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Sterile Seeds Are Replacing Heirloom Seeds

heirloom rainbow chard

Heirloom seeds have become an endangered species because sterile seed are replacing heirloom seeds.

Not long ago, people had seeds from one planting season to the next. It was nature’s gift to man. Seeds came from grown food to grow food for the next year. Now it is different. GMO seeds are sterile. No new seeds come from their crops. Farmers become dependent upon corporations such as Monsanto to supply them with expensive seeds every year.

There is also grave concern about the foods that result from GMO seeds and the potential manmade monster meals they create. Nature used to provide abundantly, naturally and healthfully. In trying to outsmart Mother Nature, ‘Man-santo’ and other corporate giants may very well outsmart himself.

Daily, new incidences of the horrors of GMO plants and foods surface. The epidemic of Indian suicides is probably the most distressing. Farmers in India are being convinced that Monsanto’s GMO cotton will deliver greater yield. Thus they will gain greater profits. The opposite is happening.

Heirloom seeds
‘Bitter Seeds’ film exposes epidemic of Indian farmer suicides. Photo credit: AP/Anupam Nath

Farmers are going into debt to buy sterile GMO seeds. They do not regenerate from year to year. They require a great deal of water which is often unavailable. In addition, certain pesticides become essential. They are costly. The small business farmer can not afford either the GMO seeds nor the pesticides. Debt results. Because debt is not passed on to the family upon a death, the farmer decides that suicide is his only option.

Fields of wheat in Oregon were supposed to be GMO free. They were found to contain it when the wheat refused to die when Monsanto’s herbicide RoundUp did not kill the wheat. It resisted it. The Zombie GMO wheat has resulted in Japan and Korea canceling orders of soft white wheat for fear of GMO contamination.This is economically disastrous for US farmers. Where again is the benefit from using GMO seed rather than heirloom seeds?

Heirloom seeds
Monsanto baffled by reappearance of GMO ‘zombie wheat’ in Oregon. Photo Credit:

Despite these examples of potential world economic disaster, big agribusiness companies like Monsanto continue to produce GMO seeds. Major corporations are producing them, congratulating themselves for it and the government is going along for the ride.
heirloom seeds
The World Food Prize, Brought to You by Monsanto. Photo Credit: bioraven/Shutterstock, ADM, John Deere, Cargill, Monsanto

Continue to learn more about major issues from curated articles on Alison*s Art Online Magazines, viewable at right and featured by Alison*s Blog.

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Vegan Chicken Soup

VEGAN CHICKEN SOUP: Relief in minutes

Vegan chicken soup in progress. Takes minutes to make, tastes great and works wonders.
Vegan chicken soup in progress. Takes minutes to make, tastes great and works wonders.
My husband just turned 67 yesterday. You’d never know it by his appearance. He has the face of a kid, well a fifty something kid. He is actually in school preparing for a new career. You may wonder why I am mentioning all of this. It sets the stage for this post, ‘vegan chicken soup’.

Well, my husband woke up sneezing and tired, after a full day of school yesterday. I had to do something to help him feel better. So I went to my mental medicine cabinet of folk remedies.

It is amazing how much money people spend in the drug store for all sorts of patent medicines when the traditional remedies cost pennies and work wonders. Hot water is the base of almost every remedy including the patent, over the counter cold cures.

I filled the tea kettle and let the water get good and hot while I grated some ginger and squeezed some lemon juice from organic lemons. I went to my medicine cabinet (the hand painted on that was my grandmother’s jelly cabinet) to get the echinacea/golden seal drops.

You pretty much have the process of the recipe from my description. Here is a list of the ingredients.

• At least two cups of hot water, good and hot, not necessarily boiling

• 1 inch of fresh (preferably organic) ginger, grated or cut into tiny pieces

• the juice of 1/2 lemon (preferably organic)

• a dropper full of echinacea/goldenseal liquid extract (drops) either with alcohol or alcohol free depending on your preference

By the time the water is good and hot, all the other ingredients are prepared. Drink at least two cups, rest (if possible) stay warm, eat alkaline foods and feel better soon.

• What is vegan food
• my hand painted medicine cabinet
• an alkaline diet

Send in your questions and suggestions. I am eager to hear what you think and what you want to know. Just keep one thing in mind. This post is for informational purposes only. I do not diagnose or prescribe. See a professional health practitioner for any concerns you might have.

You can read more about ART | FOOD | HEALING in the right column on Alison*s Art Online Magazines from Rebelmouse and

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Seedling Ventures

seedling ventures

Being creative, passionate about my interests and entrepreneurial have been great fertilizer and nurturance for my seedling ventures in ART | FOOD | HEALING.

This new blog and website are the home, playground and evolutionary laboratory for my creative entrepreneurial work. This is the accumulation of a body of work spanning approximately thirty years to date. It is the archive of my past work, present efforts and legacy for the future.

There has been a transformation from Alison*s Art into Alison*s Heirloom Projects. It has taken place in all of the three disciplines. The heirloom projects allow for the preservation of the original seedling ventures. They also provide a framework for growth, exploration and addition value.

The current ‘social media’ technology is ideal for preserving the original ventures as well as exploring the heirloom projects. It is a perfect laboratory for breathing new growth into the original seedling ventures. Social media also gives the heirloom projects lots of room to grow.

In this blog and website, you can look forward to lots of archeological digs. You can also look forward to exploration of new territory. Your comments, suggestions and questions are always welcome.

Feature imagine from


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