Branding Part Two: “Just Call Us Dunkin’®”


Just Call Us Dunkin’®

Back in 2011 when I wrote a blog post about Dunkin’ Donuts entitled, Design by Dunkin’, little did I know how prescient that title would be. Back in September of this year, Tony Weisman, Chief Marketing Officer, Dunkin’ U.S. announced, “We’re Changing Our Name to Dunkin’”.

rebranding dunkin donuts
The New Dunkin’ Logo
From ‘Branding, Part One: Design by Dunkin’’
This short video tour of my local Dunkin’ Donuts store illustrates the excellence of the use of the Dunkin’ Donuts brand. Notice all the visual information that reinforces their brand and their message, America Runs on Dunkin’. Watch this short video to see how well my local Dunkin’ Donuts illustrates the brand and their message, ‘America Runs On Dunkin’®.

The blog post I originally wrote was very positive about their branding. I loved it. In fact, I also made a video to illustrate my passion for their brand. Their recently announced re-branding program is very exciting for me. I can hardly wait to see what it includes. They’ve done such a good job in the past. My curiosity is peaked to see what they will come up with now.

rebranding Dunkin' Donuts
Business Insider Visits the New Dunkin’ in NYC. This is what they find. There are iced drinks on tap.
The Dunkin’ Rebrand

I’ve already seen a few hints of what the visuals are going to look like. They are very creative. The lively color scheme of bright orange and hot pink will stay. Their official tagline will also remain the same, ‘America Runs on Dunkin’. Here are some examples of their new graphics from their Blog Post, What’s New, September 25, 2018, A Letter from Dunkin’ CMO Tony Weisman: We’re Changing Our Name to Dunkin’ By Tony Weisman, Chief Marketing Officer, Dunkin’ U.S.

rebranding dunkin donuts
Out with the Old Dunkin’ Donuts and in with the new Dunkin’.
Post It On The Building Walls

Here are some building wall visuals I came across in researching this exciting transformation. They are from The News Releases Section of their Website, What’s New, September 25, 2018
Welcome to Dunkin’: Dunkin’ Donuts Reveals New Brand Identity

rebranding dunkin donuts
Just Call Us Dunkin’
rebranding dunkin' donuts
Examples of Dunkin’ Branding
Print It on the Packaging

Of course all the packaging has to be updated. Here’s what it will look like.

rebranding dunkin donuts
Examples of new packaging for Dunkin’

Shout It Out on Social Media

Rebranding is a bold, expensive and risky move. Why is the company doing it? Here’s what they are saying on twitter. They seem calm, comfortable, confident and very approachable about their rebranding Dunkin Donuts to just, Dunkin’! Enough said?

rebranding dunkin donuts
What Dunkin’ has to say on twitter
rebranding Dunkin Donuts
What Dunkin’ Has to Say on Facebook
rebranding Dunkin Donuts
Indicate on Instagram that Dunkin Donuts is going Dunkin’
rebranding Dunkin Donuts
Let Everyone Know It on LinkedIn

I could not say it as well so I would like to quote from the press release of September 25, 2018 on why Dunkin’ Donuts is going Dunkin’. ‘According to Dunkin’ Brands’ CEO and Dunkin’ U.S. President David Hoffmann, “Our new branding is one of many things we are doing as part of our blueprint for growth to modernize the Dunkin’ experience for our customers. From our next generation restaurants, to our menu innovation, on-the-go ordering and value offerings, all delivered at the speed of Dunkin’, we are working to provide our guests with great beverages, delicious food and unparalleled convenience. We believe our efforts to transform Dunkin’, while still embracing our incredible heritage, will keep our brand relevant for generations to come.”

“By simplifying and modernizing our name, while still paying homage to our heritage, we have an opportunity to create an incredible new energy for Dunkin’, both in and outside our stores,” said Tony Weisman, Chief Marketing Officer, Dunkin’ U.S. “We are bringing the iconic name Dunkin’ to the forefront in a bold way that brings to life how we refill optimism with each cup and bring fun, joy and delight to our customers each and every day.”’

rebranding dunkin donuts
YUM from on Pinterest
Sources and Resources

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The News Releases Section of their Website, What’s New, September 25, 2018
Welcome to Dunkin’: Dunkin’ Donuts Reveals New Brand Identity

We visited Dunkin’ Donuts’ ‘store of the future’ in NYC — here’s what it was like

Dunkin’ Donuts Set to Rebrand as Simply Dunkin’

Dunkin’ Donuts considers rebranding as just Dunkin’

Design by Dunkin’®: The Dunkin’ Donuts Brand

Branding Part Two: “Just Call Us Dunkin®”

Branding Part One: Design by Dunkin®

under Consideration: Brand New (A Special Project)

April Fools: Dunkie Drinks Dunkin’s Coffee

Dunkin’ Brands: Extraordinary Brands. Extraordinary People.

Dunkin’ Donuts, which will officially be Dunkin’ as of January 2019, can be found on:
It’s website

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Design by Dunkin’®: The Dunkin’ Donuts Brand

dunkin' donuts brandThis blog post about the Dunkin’ Donuts brand, Branding Part One: Design by Dunkin’ is based on a post that appeared June 4, 2011 on the DBMEi Website by Basil Puglisi Blog. It was in the Marketing & Branding Category. I wrote the original as a DBMEi freelance blogger Alison D. Gilbert, The Entrepreneur.

Branding, Part One: Design by Dunkin’
This short video tour of my local Dunkin’ Donuts store illustrates the excellence of the use of the Dunkin’ Donuts brand. Notice all the visual information that reinforces their brand and their message, America Runs on Dunkin’. Watch this short video to see how well my local Dunkin’ Donuts illustrates the brand and their message, ‘America Runs On Dunkin’®.

We’ll explore the fascinating story of the Dunkin’ donuts brand going forward. But for now, let’s take a look back at branding in general throughout history. Here’s how it appears to have been meaningful a few thousand years ago up through the ages.

A Brief History of Branding: Ancient Times

Surprisingly, the branding industry has been around for thousands of years. There are examples of oxen hieroglyphics depicted on Egyptians tombs. They are supposed to indicate ownership by the deceased.

Dunkin' Donuts brand
Ancient Egyptian oxen Hieroglyphics illustration the importance of this animal to their deceased owners
The History of Tartans

In the 1500’s, woven woolen cloth, known as tartans, are believed to be derived from the French word ‘tiretaine’. They identified the geographic area from which a person came. Later, these fabric patterns became affiliated with families or clans, which is how we primarily know them today. Tartans are attributed to Scotland but also existed and still exist in Britain, Ireland, North America and in numerous other countries around the world. Some tartans were even created as late as the 20th Century. Societies, institutions, philanthropists and organizations inspired these.

dunkin' donuts brand

Livestock Branding

The original intent of livestock branding was to identify ownership, to be ‘a visible and permanent mark’ to distinguish between what was yours and what was mine. It was a clear-cut way to prevent theft as well as a simple way to identify animals and return lost livestock to their proper owner. Branding of cattle is still used in the same way today.

dunkin' donuts brand

Branding and Marketing in the Food Industry: Three Phases

Over time, branding has evolved into an indispensable marketing and advertising tool applied to a great extent, but not exclusively, to the food industry. As such, it has existed since the late 1800’s, a mere sliver of the total time line pie in branding history.

Culinary Ephemera

dunkin' donuts brand

Commercial food brands have gone through three phases. For the purposes of this article, they will not be described briefly to distinguish their periods, “the fragmentation phase (before 1870–1880), the unification phase (1880–1950), and the segmentation phase (1950 and later).” These are referred to with the source credit below. In addition, the ‘4P’ marketing theory is listed below.

History of Food Production

The History of Modern Food Production credited in the sources below.

Dunkin' Donuts Brand

I Want It and I Want It Now!

Present day branding has brought the science of marketing and the art of branding full circle. A brand with the proper marketing can now be known for instant product recognition. The goal of this immediate recognition is the advent of instantaneous acquisition and consumption. The Dunkin’ Donuts brand is working towards this goal of immediate delivery.

dunkin' donuts brand
Seamless Retail Experience
The Seamless Digital Retail Experience. Credit unknown.
The Seamless Digital Retail Experience

The purpose of the type of branding that identifies livestock is called, ‘what’s mine is mine’. But in retail, it is now ‘what’s yours is mine’ and ‘make it mine now’. This is becoming imperative and possible. Recognition through branding and acquisition through digital technology and online marketing make this process closer to seamless on a daily basis. In Part Two, we will see how the Dunkin’ Donuts brand is becoming part of this evolution.

With the evolving technologies of near field communication, local mobile fusion, radio frequency identification, QR code generation and identification, retailers are becoming able to make us offers we can no longer refuse. There is almost no time to reconsider offers as they become digitally seamless and irresistible.

dunkin' donuts brand
I Want It and I Want It Now. Credit Flickr jpg.
In Conclusion

When a brand is done well, the recognition factor is immediate. In today’s digital economy, we are now approaching ‘0’ time between seeing, wanting, purchasing (or consuming). With the continued addition of new technology, this process is getting even faster. The gap is lessening so much that our wishes will become the digital genie’s immediate command. See it. Want it. Get it. Just like that!

Sources and Resources

Ancient Egyptian Oxen Hieroglyphics
World Tartans by Iain Zaczek
A Brief History of Cattle Branding
Culinary Ephemera, An Illustrated History
A Brief History of Branding
A Visual History of Cookery

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What Can Happen When You Ask For A ‘Facebook Page LIKE’


Have you ever gotten one of these ‘Facebook Page LIKE’ requests that goes something like, “I LIKED your page. Now LIKE my page”? I find these requests very frustrating and a waste of time. Worst of all, the request is an illustration of a total lack of understanding of how social media works and what a great marketing tools it offers.

The Facebook “LIKE US” icon from Is It A Welcome Or a Warning To Potential Customers?
Social Media Skills

Unskilled social media users think that the rules of salesmanship and engagement do not apply with social media. Because the medium of contact has changed and seems to have a veil of anonymity, they think they can be impertinent and request something that they have not earned. What they have not earned is the privilege of being ‘LIKED’ by a prospective customer or potential colleague. In addition, they do not know what to do with a Facebook Page LIKE, how to use social media to get business from it and get it in droves.

Would a salesperson walk into a store and demand that a business owner carry his product? Would a business owner demand the same from a potential customer? Of course not. In a face to face situation, a smart salesperson would never do that. But that is what it is like to say to someone on their Facebook page, “I LIKED your page. So now LIKE mine”. At the very least the protocol of salesmanship needs to apply. This includes an introduction such as, “How do you do, my name is so and so. I am interested in knowing more about your business or I’m just looking, thank you.” At this point, the real drive of what social media can accomplish have not even been put into gear.


facebook page LIKE
Corporate Guy With Thumbs Up and Down from Shutterstock

Depending on the response of the business owner, a salesperson would take his next step. He would figure out how to warm up a potential connection. He would work on engaging the other person. Where is there any attempt to nurture a connection or to engage with the demand, “I LIKED your page. Now LIKE my page.” There is none. In fact, this approach may have the opposite effect and put off the person or business asked to reciprocate.

There is another very important reason. In fact, it may be the most important one. Asking for and getting LIKES do not make a lasting impression with a prospect. It will unlikely improve or increase one’s business. In fact, getting a like is only the key to unlock the door of social media’s magic.

It’s Not Just About LIKES

In social media’s earlier days (and apparently still today), there was a limited understanding about the role of getting ‘LIKES’. Social media is about making connections, engaging and building relationships not just exchanging ‘LIKES’. It takes much more than just gathering LIKES on the road to increasing business. I would rather build ten meaningful relationships online with other business owners or potential customers than have 100 perfunctory ‘LIKES’. But you don’t have to choose between the two options if you know how to use social media.

facebook page like
Two People Shaking Hands from 123RF

In the long run, business will grow from growing relationships. It has always been this way. Today, savvy social media users know how to reach so many people and they don’t use the come-on line, ‘I LIKED you. Now LIKE me’. If one handles oneself social media professionally, one will never say, “I LIKED your page. Now LIKE my page.” A LIKE will be a natural part of the relationships one works to establish with the bells and whistles that social media offers and requires to do its job.

There are programs and apps specifically designed to use the LIKES and ‘click throughs’ one does get to take a prospect to the next step of engagement and sales. What does that require? Collecting the email addresses and other pertinent information about prospects. Offer something for free on you facebook page or a special promotion that requires a name and email address. That is where you really need to start to use the social media technology.

Take a look at Shortstack and These companies has comprehensive tools for turning LIKES into relationships and relationships into sales. You can also contact me in the comments section below to learn more about the right way and the wrong way to get Facebook Page LIKES and what to do with them when you get them. Future blog posts will elaborate on this topic and other facets of social media marketing.

Facebook page LIKES
The ShortStack icon
Sources and Resources

How To Invite People To LIKE Your Facebook Business Page

How Important Social Media Is For Small Business

Strong Customer Relationships Lead to Healthier Businesses

Getting Started with ShortStack

ShortStack Blog Posts

We Analyzed 6,868 eCommerce Content Marketing Articles: Here’s What We Learned from




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Rebranding: Creating A New Brand

ADG Google + Page Cover
ADG Google + Page Cover
Why Companies and Individuals Rebrand

Over the years, rebranding has been a necessity for me as I have had numerous entrepreneurial projects, some at the same time and others at different times. It has been crucial that each looks not only like what it is but that it is different from another project. Rebranding involves primarily two distinct elements, visual and verbal. In other words, a rebrand will include changes in words, the name of a company, its tagline and mission. Equally important is the visual change, a new logo, a different color scheme and typefaces. These ideally have the feel or spirit of what the company or project itself is about. The sampler of some of my business Google+ pages illustrate these points.

A Google+ Page Sampler
A Google+ Page Sampler

I have rebranded myself as many times as I have changed entrepreneurial projects. That includes more times than I can provide examples, here. Now, as an officially retired person, I still need a new brand. The reason for that is because I have reached the point where I am my brand. I have become something of a media personality. My ‘product’ is me. My brand is myself.

Examples of Rebranding: ALISON D. GILBERT

Facebook pages are a clear way to understand the differences in my brands. This Facebook page has a photo of me as the icon. It clearly shows whose page this is. My last project ART & BYTES has a very different brand, visually and verbally. Take a look at it below.

Art-bytes-Project Marketing Bytes Business Marketing Solutions Facebook Page
ART & BYTES Facebook Page
Examples of Rebranding: ART & BYTES

The above Facebook page has a totally different brand. It starts with the color scheme. Light blue rather than yellow is the primary color. The typeface is totally different. The icon is an ‘&’ playing on and emphasizing the name, ART & BYTES. The challenge of creating the ART & BYTES brand was that this project was a combination of all my previous work. It was designed as an archive of all my work in MARKETING BYTES and ALISON*S ART. This my goal was to create a brand that would combine both and yet maintain its own identity.

Examples of Rebranding: MARKETING BYTES

MARKETING BYTES came right before ART & BYTES. Below is a sample of one of its social media headers, the blog post header. Notice there is another icon, a different typeface and a different image of me. There is some similarity to the color scheme of ART & BYTES. But the two brands clearly are different.

Examples of Rebranding: ALISON*S ART, INC.

The last example of one of my brands is from a project of Alison’s Art, Inc. It was Decorative Painting. Below is a facebook page from that enterprise. The icon is quite complex. It has unique colors, shapes, images, type and is totally distinguishable from all the others. In fact the oval pattern was the original Alison*s Art logo that became the foundation for all my art projects. Decorative Painting was one of those projects.

decorative painting
Decorative Painting by Alison Gilbert © Alison Gilbert
Rebranding Conclusion

I would like to demonstrate the distinction between several of my brand by exhibiting both photo and logo icons. Clearly each is distinct. But at the same time there may be some similarity having been created by the same hand and a singular design sensibility, mine. At the same time, I think there is enough uniqueness to clearly demonstrates rebranding several of my projects.

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An A.M. News Correspondent on

Becoming an A.M. News Correspondent on America Media Matters

I became an A.M. News on America Matters Media Correspondent on February 10, 2015, only two months and a few days ago. I had no idea how much starting my day with one simple phone call would elevate my life to such a joyful place to start each day. A.M. News Host, Eddie Floyd and A.M. News co-host Dennis Romeo have created a warm, entertaining and informative format.

America Matter Media
America Matter Media brand and information

It is very simple to become a correspondent. First, ‘Listen Live’ online at The show is on from 6 am PT to 9 am PT or the equivalent in your own timezone. Once you have a feel for the content and pace of the show, call in toll-free at 844-790-8255, text, 775-384-4444 or facebook message on A.M. News On AmericaMatters.US. You will be given a correspondent number. We have both United States and Foreign correspondents.

What A.M. News Is About

Everyone shares their first name, where they are from, the local weather, their local events and their personal activities, too. I get to share my specialty. I am the ‘Healthy Living’ Correspondent. There is an intense interest in learning about nonprofit activities and organizations around the world that correspondents as well as listeners can participate in. Many nonprofits have gotten exposure and support by joining the show. People needing prayers are welcome to call in for help and support. The show has become a loving, caring, informative community of ‘local-global’ neighbors.

The A.M. News Facebook Page
The A.M. News Facebook Page
A.M. News Broadcasts and Promotes Itself Using Cutting Edge Technology

A.M. News, online radio, makes the most of the latest in social media technology. There is a facebook group, listing as many correspondents as possible. The image below shows what a correspondent listing looks like. There is a correspondent post and then room for commenting by both the correspondent and others. There is also an A.M. News facebook page that is posted to daily by our hosts, with information about the show, specialty facebook pages like Truckers, Troopers and Lady Law Enforcers shown below, an America Matter Media website and more coming.

Alison D. Gilbert post and group comments. listing on the A.M. News
Alison D. Gilbert post and group comments.
What Our Global Group of International Correspondents Does

There are over 1,600 correspondents from around the globe. We learn about people that we would otherwise never meet. We are updated with local news, globally. We support nonprofit organizations that are run by our correspondents and we connect with each other outside of the show. There are also 1.5 million listeners who benefit from listening to our show.

1st Annual  A.M. News Convention Facebook Page
1st Annual A.M. News Convention Facebook Page
The A.M. News Correspondent Family

Our group of worldwide correspondents have become like a family. Correspondents have become good friends. We are in touch outside of the show. Some of us are even on other shows as well. We are also planning to have our 1st Annual Correspondents Convention in Reno, Nevada as soon as we can organize it.

We have also formed correspondent groups that fit into special, specific categories. One of those, displayed as a facebook page, is Truckers, Troopers and Lady Law Enforcers.

The Truckers, Troopers and Lady Law Enforcers
The Truckers, Troopers and Lady Law Enforcers Facebook page
Teresa’s Garage on america matters media, part of NEVADA MATTERS INC.

Teresa’s Garage is dedicated to helping women learn more about automotive care. The reason it is being mentioned on this post is because Teresa’s pit crew are all correspondents of A.M. News. Teresa is a correspondent, too. We are one big family on NEVADA MATTTERS INC. There are more shows to come that our correspondents are also participating in.

The Teresa's Garage Facebook Page
The Teresa’s Garage Facebook Page
Saving The Best For Last, Talent Matters

As if being an A.M. News Correspondent were not special enough, we are now providing an opportunity for every correspondent to show their amateur talent to the world. Go the the facebook page of Talent Matters and get all of the instructions for submitting your one minute talent clip. Your talent clip will be posted on TALENT MATTERS social media including facebook, YouTube Google+ along with professional guest talent clips. This is the venue for you if you are just aching to show of your hidden talent. Only amateurs may compete but pros can submit guest clips to also be played on our new Internet radio show, Talent Matters, coming soon to

The Talent Matters Facebook Page Cover
The Talent Matters Facebook Page Cover
An Invitation: Become An A.M. News Correspondent and Part of Our Family

Becoming an A.M. News correspondent has been such a special experience and it keeps getting better. Everyone gets to tell their ‘local’ story, share their special and unique activities. Connecting and networking with other worldwide correspondents can be fascinating and eye opening.

Here’s what I think about all of this. Let’s connect everyone in the world. Let’s share important information and have some fun doing it spending up to three hours a day together, Monday through Friday. It will become more apparent that we are all one family, the human family. As we get to know each other better, we will be able to make a better world. This planet is our home, everyone’s home. As Lawrence R. Gelber founder of #IDWP would say, I Declare World Peace.

I Declare World Peace
I Declare World Peace Facebook Page
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Saddle Shoes from the Lula Scrapbook

“Perhaps most readily associated with a patently American 1950s nostalgia – recalling varsity football game nights, wholesome cheerleaders, and spiffy sock hops – saddle shoes (or oxfords) were actually first conceived as a men’s athletic golfing shoe in the early 1900s. During the 1930’s stagflation, saddle shoes swiftly became a unisex sensation when high school girls deemed them ideal for the snazzy new Jitterbug’s accompanying acrobatics, sliding, and spinning.”


I have always loved saddle shoes, had them in high school and still have a pair now.

See on Scoop.itAvant-garde Art & Design

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Why Broth is Beautiful: Essential Roles for Proline, Glycine and Gelatin

“Several years ago Knox Gelatin introduced a new product named Nutrajoint with great fanfare. This supplement contains gelatin, vitamin C and calcium, and advertisements touted “recent scientific studies” proving that gelatin can contribute to the building of strong cartilage and bones.”


Once again, the ‘traditional’ food of bone broth is proving itself to be an essential, affordable nutrient. In my own ‘Back to Basics’ project, I am repeatedly finding that traditional foods and ingredients are invaluable to healing and health.

See on Scoop.itThe Food rEvolution

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Norm’s Farms Elderberry Review

Check out this Norm’s Farms Elderberry Review where I (Jessica owner of discuss Norm’s Farms natural elderberry products. Elderberries are great immune boosters.


Back to basics, again. (By now you probably know I have a project and a facebook page called ‘Back to Basics’). It is becoming more specific about what basic is. It is about the revival and creation of healthy traditions. These traditions involve producing, gathering, preparing and eating foods in ways that were practiced to an extent for centuries and existed even thousands of years ago. They kept our ancestors alive, strong and healthy. Those who came before us were eating nutrient dense food and we can again, too.

elderberry farmer
Norm Lenhardt founder of Norm’s Farms
    Well, elderberries are one of those foods that have been around forever. They were gathered and used very similar to the way they are today. In fact, Roger Lenhardt, son of the original ‘Norm’ explained to me that the purple dye used in the pre-historic cave paintings came from elderberry. You can’t get much more traditional than that with a plant. In addition, "The elderberry is a great case where modern clinical studies are actually starting to confirm what ancient alternative healers have known for hundreds, if not thousands, of years — the elderberry improves immune response."

    See on Scoop.itThe Food rEvolution

norm's farms logo for elderberry review
A quote from their website:
“Norm’s Farms, founded by Ann, Rodger, and Erin Lenhardt in Pittsboro, NC, is a way of carrying on Norm’s work and vision. The Norm’s Farms family believes in the sustainable production of healing foods made with natural, simple ingredients–just like the elderberries Norm’s Farms grows. Because the Norm’s Farms family recognizes that their small Missouri farm cannot keep up with the company’s demand, they have begun working with small family farmers in North Carolina to help establish elderberry orchards. Norm’s Farms will have a local source of elderberries for their products in addition to those grown in Missouri.”

Just in case you had any doubt about how spectacular Norm’s Farms elderberry products are, here is something that equals thousands of words. The only thing more would be a taste. You will have to place an order to do that.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Traditional Nigerian Tigernut Milk (Kunnu Aya) — Nourished Kitchen

Tigernut milk is a traditional Nigerian drink made from the nutrient-dense tuber, Tigernut. It’s easy to make, with a flavor like chestnuts.


In order for us to consume nutrient dense food rather than nutrient dead food, we need to revive traditional foods. Here is a drink made from TigerNuts, a food found to exist as far back as in ancient Eqyptian days.

See on Scoop.itThe Food rEvolution

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Paleo, vegan, gluten-free — the only certainty about health trends is their reversal

During my last visit to Los Angeles, in March, I chronicled my meals by the dietary restrictions of my dining companions. For breakfast one day, I ate in Los Feliz with four friends who were varying degrees of gluten-free. One had suddenly discovered a gluten intolerance, while another felt it would be better for her pregnancy. I ordered ricotta pancakes — and enjoyed each glutinous bite.


There are and have been so many ‘health fan diets’ over time that one can become dizzy, even sick over what to eat.

See on Scoop.itThe Food rEvolution

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